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  1. wideboybloke

    Q5 New Q5 Facelift..

    I’ve been contemplating an SUV and I would naturally consider Audi first. However, I’m blowed if I’m paying around £45K for one. I don’t want one that much!
  2. wideboybloke

    Extended warranty

    I had the brake servo sensor warning flash up too. However, the whole brake servo had to be replaced, not just the sensor. £1500, so the warranty extension more than paid for itself. With these cars, I wouldn’t hesitate to get the broadest cover possible. Last week mine went in to have the...
  3. wideboybloke

    Workshop Action / Recall Campaign

    My car is in for a minor repair and while it’s in they are going to carry out the 24GP software update. The job sheet says “It is possible that an abrupt change in Lambda value may occur due to a discrepancy in the engine ECU.” Before this, I had only the faintest idea what a Lambda sensor is...
  4. wideboybloke

    Over £40k car tax how to avoid/minimise £325 surcharge.

    I don’t have an answer to the problem, but I’m posting to register my irritation and frustration at the road tax surcharge as I have come up against it recently. Somebody said above that you don’t get that much for £40K these days and it would be very cynical of the government to freeze the...
  5. wideboybloke

    What does your car history look like?

    Mine will rather betray my age: 1. Morris Minor (split screen 803 cc) 2. Austin A30 3. Ford Anglia 105E 4. Mk 2 Cortina 1300 5. Mk 3 Cortina 1600 6. Vauxhall Chevette 7. Capri 1.3 litre 8. Mk 4 Cortina Estate 9. Mk 2 Vauxhall Carlton Estate 10. Renault Savannah 11. Renault Espace 12 Mk 1 Seat...
  6. wideboybloke

    A B9 A4 or A5 or Merc C Me?

    I’ve been tempted by the Merc C Class estate now and again. There are some very attractive offers from time to time and if you can afford a B9 A4, you’re also in C Class territory. The Merc is very plush and of course it’s a Merc, but I just don’t know enough about them or know enough owners...
  7. wideboybloke

    Facelift New headlights, erm, why ?

    I think the point is that they’re different. ‘New’ keeps the market interested and there will always be an element that will want the newest and latest innovations. When a particular model’s competitors undergo a re-design or refresh, the market looks to see how that model will respond. If...
  8. wideboybloke

    What engine for 2016 Audi A4

    I don’t know which engine is right for your circs, but for what it’s worth I can only say positive things about the 2.0 litre tfsi 190. Others will tell you the same: it’s smooth, quiet, very powerful and surprisingly economical. I think it’s a fantastic power unit and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed...
  9. wideboybloke

    New tyre time for the b9

    I had Pirelli P Zero Rossos on a 2010 A3 Sportback. Beautifully quiet tyre and no complaints about braking or wet weather handling, but I had to replace the fronts after just 14,000 miles of not particularly spirited driving. My tyre depot fixed me up with a harder wearing Pirelli - can’t...
  10. wideboybloke

    Extended warranty

    And it was the gearbox that worried me most about this car, yet here we are with no hint of trouble (touch wood) from that area.
  11. wideboybloke

    Extended warranty

    That’s very interesting. Before my car went into the dealer I googled the warning message that had flashed up on the DIS and it transpires that the message is quite common. Owners had found that with their cars standing idle during lockdown (as mine did) a fault was developing with a sensor...
  12. wideboybloke

    Calling All 40TFSI Owners

    I love my 40 tfsi (as it is now called). The long term mpg on the DIS is 39, so that’s for all types of journey over about 10,000 miles. I try to avoid short journeys, but there are inevitably some included in that total. I cruise at 80 mph (I’ll admit) on the motorway where the engine is...
  13. wideboybloke

    Extended warranty

    I don’t normally keep my cars beyond the new car warranty period, but I so like my A4 Avant, I decided to soldier on with it for a fourth year. I took out an extended warranty just in case and at the end of the fourth year the annual service identified a cracked thermostat housing with...
  14. wideboybloke

    end of pcp...

    I was all set to lease about 18 months ago. The salesman steered me towards PCP (probably for his own reasons) on the basis that if , for whatever reason, you are unable to keep the car you are obliged to pay the remaining lease instalments nevertheless. The deal didn’t proceed (because the...
  15. wideboybloke

    Rear suspension mount corroded

    Was the corrosion on yours as bad as in the photos above?
  16. wideboybloke

    Rear suspension mount corroded

    I also have an extended warranty but my dealer took the view that this is wear and tear rather than mechanical failure. Wondering if I should have another go at them.
  17. wideboybloke

    Rear suspension mount corroded

    That’s interesting. No explanation was offered as to why it was highlighted as an advisory, so did I perhaps have an over-cautious MOT examiner - or, more cynically, an over-enthusiastic business developer? I’ll have a look at your earlier post.
  18. wideboybloke

    Rear suspension mount corroded

    Managed to compress the photo of the affected side. Still persevering with the photo of the ‘good’ side
  19. wideboybloke

    Rear suspension mount corroded

    A4 Avant, 4 years old, annual service and 2nd MOT, 25,500 miles. The technician gives you a headcam rundown on his findings which I find useful as I have no means of getting under the car. To my surprise he identified corrosion on one of the rear suspension mountings and marked it as an...
  20. wideboybloke

    2016 B9 What engine

    I have the 2 litre tfsi engine and I absolutely love it. I had a diesel in SE trim with a manual gearbox as a courtesy car for about a week and it was ****** awful! The gear change was notchy, the seats looked cheap and nasty and being diesel it was noisier than my car. You won’t go wrong...