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  1. 10blazin

    Best £20 I'm ever going to spend.

    These are fun i used to dive bomb mine neer the misses head , she used to freak bad at the threat of the thing till she stamped it out .....hahahahahaha
  2. 10blazin

    New Years Resolutions

    1 . go gym upto 5 times a week , not sure i can now we got 2 kids 2 . go from 16.5 stone to 14.2 and be solid with healthy eating 3 . cut down swearing and try to be calmer 4 . drink at a slower pace on the 3 night's a week out , and try to save my liver
  3. 10blazin

    i just don't get it, how can they get away with it?

    In all truth though Christmas isnt jesus birthday ...dont want to **** anyone off but its a pagan celebration it has absolutely nothing to do with religeon .. or the birth of jesus infact the bible warns against following christmas , look it up its in jeremiah . and the poster , lol does have...
  4. 10blazin

    Domino's Pizza B*stards

    Well i can honestly say that my whole workplace got about 5 pizza's from dominoe's in chorton , we were working late , i can honestly say it went in pizza and came out liquid ...looooooooooool , never again .. and that was all of us.. Then i meat a few people who have said the same about...
  5. 10blazin

    Slamming of doors

    The worst about buying a 2nd hand car after a woman has owned it , Is all the dint's and chips in the top of the lower back bumper ... You know slam's boot shut with a big bunch of keys in hand , and hand and keys follow boot to bumper till it the keys crash into the bumper , for a reason im...
  6. 10blazin

    Slamming of doors

    yes my misses slams the boot so hard that my ear drums nearly burst , i said wtf , when she got in the car ... as usual it was my fault hahahahahahahaha
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    i wouldnt say it is , the justice system is a farce , a laughing stock , people are warm and fed with tvs and playstations in there cells , they deal drugs in there , take drugs effin great ... lose a load of weight get trim as hell bulk up on steroids you name it , you can do it , in the great...
  8. 10blazin

    Thieving Bast*rds got an unexpected welcome

    brilliant news !! spot on id of drove them to the moors give em a hiding before removing there shoes and socks and kicking them out pennyless
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    there are 12 / 13 year old lads round are way robbing houses and cars and sniff cocaine , smoke weed , drink bear you name it , walking devils ... thats what world were in .
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    thats why i said i would of asked before jumping in , and its totally different to road rage and what happenned to me , if your kids were in danger id expect you to do the same , any normal man would ..... As for the kid getting a kickin i would of asked they guy why if he didnt reply id deck...
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    And just say you looked in the kids bag and your mirrors and rnse was in there would you say the same thing , or when you awake to see your house empty .. Im sorry but like i said i would of found out why and what was going on , if it turned out he was a thief or done something bad , then yeah i...
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    Hi benskin i know you thought you done the right thing , but this kid obviously done something to the man and id of definatly found out what , alot of kids need a hiding nowadays this is what there missing , and the reason your rnse's and mirrors are going missing . I would of asked why and if...
  13. 10blazin

    Road Rage! Psycho EVO driver tried to drag me out my car!

    yes there is some right effin idiot's on the road i had this complete effin clown in a white transit van fitted with halfords leds on the front you can already guess what a frickin **** he was , anyhow it was a 3 lane molding into 2 i was coming up in the 3rd and had to jam on cos the lights...
  14. 10blazin

    It's time to take preventative action against thieving scumbags

    thank's pal , and no the heating has flew through the roof , must be the greedy russians putting the gas up again As for the car , i sleep alot better at night , I remember every noise up at the window looking and thinking is this worth it , to the point i would end up inside and the...
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    These so called proffeesional's turning to the darkside is bullsh-t and greed only they must have drug habit's , i was made redundant ages ago and its bad to the point were living by the last pound , but am i out steeling ?? no i go out less , we use less energy , we have less , its as simple as...
  16. 10blazin

    It's time to take preventative action against thieving scumbags

    im hear guy's lol .... fill em all in !!! scum bags .. Ive just come on here to find kaz i need someone with vagcom as my passat has a couple of issues , how is everyone ? I miss this site i may pop on now and again but when i do its like rubbing salt in the wounds not having my sportback...
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    this thread is minging the sweat corn story is so rank ...
  18. 10blazin

    Beautiful face or beautiful body???

    now now less of the fishing ,,
  19. 10blazin

    Beautiful face or beautiful body???

    :sly: dont worry your jpeg is under wraps ...;) i had to let it blurp i got all exited ..
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    Pushbike fuming

    leeving the shagged out push bike is actually **** funny , sorry ....that takes the biscuit