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  1. Inertiauk

    Keyfob button sync on facelift (2010) S3.

    It turned out one of my keys remotes was faulty, the other I managed to pair using VCDS central electronics adoption, channel 001.
  2. Inertiauk

    Keyfob button sync on facelift (2010) S3.

    Is this right from my 2010 S3 owners manual? Both my keys have lost sync (not immo, the car starts fine just the lock / unlock button stopped working) this procedure doesn't work, new batteries in the keys having a mare, no fault codes on VCDS but it does say 0 keys paired in VCDS. I remember...
  3. Inertiauk

    Symphony Video Input

    My friend has a 2007 A5 Symphony 3 not MMI Will this work for a video input ? Has anyone fitted one ? any guides /...
  4. Inertiauk

    Update sat nav help

    I'm pretty sure there is no firmware flash update between 2015 and 2017 for these units. The maps are stored on the disk not copied to the unit, so there is no need for a long operation. You won't notice any difference just slightly updated maps.
  5. Inertiauk

    Casting iphone apps to RNSE

    VIM addon, ive actually got it all working now, it snot bad, a few drawbacks. I'm probably going to ge tan android unit for more control, especially with the new laws.
  6. Inertiauk

    So I designed and 3D printed... Armrest Annoyance, is it just me??

    I'm in for one too. Also black with rings Awesome idea.
  7. Inertiauk

    Rolling Road Day at Riverside, Speke, Liverpool (Magazine covered)

    I've organised a rolling road / power run day at Riverside Racing in Speke. Its not strictly VAG, there will be other cars, but lots of VAG cars. Audi Tuner Magazine are Launching a new magazine called VAG Tuner in June this year. They will be present on this rolling road day and will feature...
  8. Inertiauk

    How can you stop the TUNE2AIR

    The real problem is when you take your key out of he ignition and the RNSE powers off. Tune2air stays on. And keeps Bluetooth connected for a while. So I go in the house which is in Bluetooth range of the car and my phone stays in 'remote headphones' mode and I don't hear if somone calls me...
  9. Inertiauk

    Interior trim removal ?

    Sorry to hijack but thought it made sense to post here rather than start a new thread. I am planning on getting my S3 trim carbon skinned on my 2010 facelift. But I don want to ruin an S3 trim so I am goin go to buy a lower spec one and do that. I wondered is there any difference between PFL...
  10. Inertiauk

    RS4, RS6 or TTRS injectors on 2.0 TFSI BT ?

    Do these plug straight in ? Or do you need a loom / adaptor ? Best place to source the 8v injectors ? Which fuel return valve ? (Stock is fine I presume due to upgrades injectors). Thanks!
  11. Inertiauk

    Factory Ipod interface in glove box change??

    This (or similar) might solve the problem for you ... Use any Bluetooth device to stream music. Plugs Into the 30 pin iPod port. More convenient than aux.
  12. Inertiauk

    A tale that might help others

    Is the car mapped ? Sounds like poor software to me.
  13. Inertiauk

    Audi s3 8p

    Have a look at BCS Powervalve exhaust systems. They are a bit dearer but worth it!
  14. Inertiauk

    Remote Key Fob Grabbing?

    Hes right, you just need canbus wires, and they run all over the car!
  15. Inertiauk

    2008 B8 RNSE Video in

    I don't really care about auto switching. It's not for a reverse camera.
  16. Inertiauk

    2008 B8 RNSE Video in

    What about this then ? It's picture with a mk2 RNSE. Problem is my AMI uses that socket so I can't plug both in. Is it possible to have both wired up ?
  17. Inertiauk

    2008 B8 RNSE Video in

    That sucks. I wanted to mirror my phone to it and I already bought the first bit!! Will do some more research.
  18. Inertiauk

    2008 B8 RNSE Video in

    Sorry to bring this thread from the dead ... If this socket is already in use on the RNSE (I have AMI and OEM Bluetooth) is it still possible to use this interface without losing existing features ?
  19. Inertiauk

    Remote Key Fob Grabbing?

    I would think very hard before having a keyless car with push start. Horribly insecure! I'm not surprised at all that an auto locksmith can take one in 3 minutes. And it's not hard for thieves to train as auto locksmiths and get the sane equipment.