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    Note to self, never buy a " complete kit " ever again.

    What bolt came with the kit? I had similar installed on my A4 and here are the bolts I used. The clearance was about 1.5mm between inside edge of the disc and nut. And that included the washers on the inside as well. Also, what discs are you using?
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    345mm discs versus 352 mm discs ,any real benafit from going bigger.

    Go for AMG merc 345mm solid discs. Trust me you don't want to get Rs4 discs. Not only size is 365mm but the fact that the cost about the same as a second hand kidney doesn't help. 18z with 345mm on a b7 is close to overkill anyways. Providing you use good quality racing pads.
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    What MPG do you get?

    Mine is stage 2 270bhp. Managed 45mpg once on M25 :) was running out of petrol so was slipstreaming some trucks he he
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    Quick question - Front Upper Contol Arms

    How did your pinch bolts come out?
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    Error Free DRL kit for the 8P2 and B7 bi xenons.

    I guess I do :)
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    Carbon Cleaned and now Emissions Light is showing...

    I had a similar problem kind of. After clean and remap, cel came on 1 day later. Scanned the car and it was B2S1 lambda sensor faulty. Kinda strange but maybe after the clean the car somehow baggers the sponsors?
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    Custom /rs4 instrument cluster inlay?

    I think this are the ones. Basically they are surface mounted PLCC2 smd/led's. try and find best quality ones in the colour of you choice. Also get a few extras, this suckers are very very small and quite easy to **** up the connections so plenty of spares is a good thing ;)...
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    Custom /rs4 instrument cluster inlay?

    Need to find where I bought them from first. Will try and find. Wanna do it again to my rs4 :)
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    Custom /rs4 instrument cluster inlay?

    I have changed the LED's on my A4 before. Full days of work :) but doable. Rs4 is practically the same panel. before progress After
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    Ferodo ds2500 Porsche 911 part no?

    Have Ds2500 on my Rs4. Track the car twice a month. Wicked pads compared to OEM. Haven't tried Ds3000 yet so can not comment. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed with 2500s. Granted they need a bit of heat in them before they start working properly but usually 2-3 moderate stops bring...
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    Had a scrape in the S3 today

    I my opinion, you hesitated. You should have merged in front of him as soon as you saw the cones. There were plenty of room to do so as you were already in front. Instead you stayed in that lane giving him a chance to catch up and get side by side. Chances are he didn't even see you merge. But...
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    B8 RS4 owners please help - does your car suffer from hesitation

    That's not right! There should be no hesitation anywhere in the powerband. If there is you have a problem.
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    Jhm short shift kit

    Was it 1-2 and reverse adjustability issue? Anyhow, £70 saving for a used part that will be missing bits is not appealing to me. But good luck with the sale!
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    Jhm short shift kit

    Could be interested but not at that price since you keeping parts. What's the reason you selling it?
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    Newbie saying high, new to Audi and started modding alreadt

    Ha ha yeah it's always the case! When you want something it's never there when you don't, you have a flood of people offering it ha ha. Yeah I run 5mm spacers to clear the calipers. All depends on the disc you have!