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    Facelift The dreaded Cam actuator fault.

    I had something similar on my 16 plate RS3. Started car in the morning, short trip to drop the kids off then on restart I got the engine warning light and start/stop deactivated. There was no unusual noise from the engine or hesitation. Garage diagnosed with code P001400 exhaust camshaft...
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    RS3 Orders (week 10/11)

    I was told next in line is the SQ5, currently petrol but will revert to diesel....
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    RS3 Orders (week 10/11)

    I was also told by a dealer that all S models will be diesel in the future as they just cannot get the cars through the emission tests. I am not sure what that means for the RS models of the future. Petrol hybrid?
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    Facelift rs3 fl issues

    Condensation is normal. I sometimes get it in my PFL. The lights run at such a high temperature that it can cause condensation on the inside. There are holes in the light unit for it to drain away. Google it as it impacts other Audi models too.
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    yourAudi - Track New Car Order

    Looks great, I really like nardo with black pack. Unfortunately for me one condition of buying the car was that my better half got to choose the colour. So I have a Sepang blue one, but the RS3 looks great in all colours. Mine has just changed to code 70 so will have to arrange collection...
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    yourAudi - Track New Car Order

    Car status changed to on the way to uk on Saturday, African Highway docked in Sherness yesterday. Was hoping status would have changed to arriving in uk today, but remains the same Was hoping it would work out that I could pick car up this week end as expecting it to take three days to...