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  1. Dunedin

    Retrofit Interior Footwell Lights

    It’s a good Mod, every time I or any passengers enter/exit the car I’m delighted I done it.
  2. Dunedin

    Retrofit Interior Footwell Lights

    I’ve used Robins kit and can recommend, all terminals at the correct length.
  3. Dunedin

    Has anyone added a subwoofer or amplifier to their 8v?

    I think the sub only fits in to a 19” spare wheel on a hatchback. So you might need one if yours is an 18” spare.
  4. Dunedin

    Elsawin - lift point bung

    I was going to remove one to have a look to see if there was any rubber mountings underneath. I seen this video And I’ve seen another were the car is lifted with the cover still inside the bung. It’s not clear the best way to go
  5. Dunedin

    Elsawin - lift point bung

    Thanks, yes I have a puck for lifting each corner.
  6. Dunedin

    Elsawin - lift point bung

    Thanks for the replies. Does anyone have these?
  7. Dunedin

    Elsawin - lift point bung

    I have these fitted however I think they are popped out and a rubber bung inserted to allow the vehicle to be lifted.
  8. Dunedin

    Elsawin - lift point bung

    Hi all, Is there anyone with access to elsawin that could send me the pages relating to fitting the bungs for lifting an 8v on a 2 post ramp. I am trying to identify the bung I require and how to fit and remove them, I’ve read a lot of posts relating to jacking the car up however I can’t find...
  9. Dunedin

    Hi Manvir, I’m sorry I just caught your message, yip I managed to get the mmi updated via VCDS...

    Hi Manvir, I’m sorry I just caught your message, yip I managed to get the mmi updated via VCDS, this enabled me to adjust the brightness of the footwell lights as well as them being on when you drive.
  10. Dunedin

    Subwoofer compatibility

    I know, you’ve got to prioritise, it’s good to get the car where you want it though.
  11. Dunedin

    Subwoofer compatibility

    I did most of the mod myself and @DJAlix did the config and door speakers. As above Alex knows what he’s doing.
  12. Dunedin

    Subwoofer compatibility

    I’ve done the Audi Sound System Plus and I think it does make an improvement in sound quality. It does vary on the medium and I find at times I am adjusting base and tone levels to obtain optimum sound quality. The biggest gain is more base at lower sound levels. As mentioned it’s all...
  13. Dunedin

    Can anyone identify this please.

    Cycle Proficiency test maybe, just a guess.
  14. Dunedin

    Scumbags, and how to get used oil out of a coolant header tank.

    You could try using a Turkey Baster to remove the fluid, sorry to hear your trouble, hope you get sorted
  15. Dunedin

    2017 A3 Saloon Black Edition / Electric Folding Side Mirrors

    @DJAlix is your man if you are in or around London.
  16. Dunedin

    SO WHAT are you doin' with all this Coronavirus 'free' time?

    I’ve just sown some beets and tomatoes, I keep the tomatoes inside for a month and then replant them outside.
  17. Dunedin


    The sub fits in the 19” space saver, I bought mine on flea bay
  18. Dunedin

    What have you done to your 8V today?

    This might help
  19. Dunedin

    Where can I get this plastic screw?

    Go to the dealer, for the cost of a screw don’t waste your time thinking / searching, they need your support more than ever.
  20. Dunedin

    Footwell LED Rear

    It’s been a while since I done this retrofit, I ran the wires straight in to the multi plug at the RHF footwell and carried out the mods through VCDS, this allowed me to control the lighting through the car. As you have the fronts already installed I’m not sure you would need to do as much as...