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  1. marknjayne

    RSQ3 RSQ3 remapped

    pretty chuffed with the results of the APR map,pretty much made the car perfect as an all rounder ,after 49 cars we decided to sell the MK7 Golf R and the mad 300hp Fiesta ST and get a car that suits us both,we are getting no younger and the Golf was beginning to be pain for our lass getting...
  2. marknjayne

    liquid tt

    after owning my tt for about 2 month i decided to treat it so just fitted one of these...what an awesome bit of kit....well worth the outlay also got a new set of coilovers on their way,some team dynamics pro 1.2 (will be here tomorrow) and a set of ebc ultimax discs (i have the brembos from...
  3. marknjayne

    TT and phatnoise

    Hi guys,just got myself a nice MK1 TT 225 (one of the le-mans editions),it has a phatnoise but i cant get on with it and it seems its not compatible with windows7 im wanting to pull it out and get a simple aux in,seen some on e-bay (are these any good) ,will it need coding in and how do...
  4. marknjayne

    Single BBS wheel

    Where can i get a single BBS wheel from,does anyone sell them single (the ones in the below pic) 18x7.5 et54
  5. marknjayne

    3.2 decat

    going to be making up a decat for the 3.2 A3 on thursday,being built with shark performance,looked at the r32 owners forums and find that decatting gains around 15hp (they have run before and after dyno runs),not actually having a full decat as in the whole length ,all we are doing is cutting...
  6. marknjayne

    coilovers on

    what do you think,another 10mm lower,just seems slightly high still
  7. marknjayne

    caliper retaining springs

    anyone know a cheaper place to get these other than audi themselves,almost £30 each for a bit of tin is horrendous S3 ones are 8P0 615 269 @ £28.45 each. Golf R ones are 1K0 615 269 B @ £32.81 each.
  8. marknjayne

    fast show at santa pod

    any A3/S3 owners going/running,as long as my car stays in one piece i will be there (will be in the skyline enclosure though),would be good to meet other A3/S3 members there
  9. marknjayne

    Back to Shark

    Decided not to sell the audi so this needs removing ,bought some AP coilovers from shark performance,will be fitted when they turn up sometime during next week,also bought something a bit more practical for daily use so i can keep the audi for best,went for a meriva vxr,not bad,this one is 205...
  10. marknjayne

    lights done

    got all the front lights done now,LED sidelights,bright white/blue tint style headlights and full beam and bright white spots,also rear LED number plate lights and rear LED white lights,cant find any front interior that work with can-bus,looks better than the old yellows lol
  11. marknjayne

    still worth it?

    this is not a for sale ad,more a "im thinking of selling,just not 100% sure yet". bought my car 5 months ago for £8k,done about 5k miles in it since and have slightly slightly modded it (although all can be returned to stock) thing is im just bored of the car to be honest,im really pining for...
  12. marknjayne


    think i have snapped my prop...going into shark performance tomorrow...hope its not too bad :(
  13. marknjayne

    3.2 owners springs Q

    After lowering my car with Apex springs i am not happy at all with the result click me to see the thread on it,now been considering AP coilovers butwould rather just use some decent springs that ctually lower the front properly (seems my front is the same and the rear is far too low ),all i want...
  14. marknjayne


    had my car lowered and to my eyes it dont look right,looks like it sits too high at the front so my question is,can just front springs be bought and where from?
  15. marknjayne

    Brembo Sport Hp2000

    Hi guys is anyone using the pads,how are they for road/track use,i know they are very new but they seem to be being pushed by the tuner/garages,just oredered myself some over a set of DS2500's,hope they are as good as im expecting
  16. marknjayne

    ordered this

    cant beat it for £14,will update when i get it up and running,wanted to do some live data monitoring as i believe my air flow meter is knackered click and have a look ;) and heres the e-bay link to the obd plug
  17. marknjayne

    clutch/gearbox S3 3.2 and R32

    Quick question on this,do they all share the same gearbox and clutch?
  18. marknjayne

    Mansfield tuner/bodyshop meet

    Hi Guys ToyBox Developments and Body and Tuning are planning a social get together before Christmas at their Premises in Mansfield. Their address is Units 8&9 Grove Way Mansfield Woodhouse Mansfield NG19 8BW click me for a bit more info will be nice to see a few audi's there click me...
  19. marknjayne

    Apex Springs

    Does anybody use these on their car and how do you find them,i have used Apex coilovers on a skyline and found them quite decent but have no experience with just springs
  20. marknjayne


    How the hell do you remove them....fingers are bleeding,knuckles sore....what the hell LOL,any tips would be very appreciated 2006 A3 BTW