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    Q3 New Q3 purchase - Buy or avoid?

    Looking at the Q3 , would people buy or see it as long in the tooth and avoid?
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    Front seat belt holders creaking

    Hi Does anyone else suffer with the front seat belt buckle holders creaking as you drive? Mine at times creak like mad. Anyone had this fixed?? Cheers Phil
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    Service cost rip off and its not done by a Audi Tech

    Spoke to my dealer today, 1st service on a 1.6 TDI. So I need a oil change and pollen filter and done on a Sat morning. No software updates req'd. So I remark the hand break sometimes stays on when i reverse......... Sorry sir, we can't look at that on a Saturday we have no technicians or...
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    Windscreen wash freezing ??

    Has anyone got them working a 0 degrees or less??? I got loads of windscreen wash in mine should be good for below zero but they always freeze. An hours drive to work and they are still frozen..... Anyone else got this problem???
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    Front bumper removal

    Hi Has anyone removed the front bumper on an 8V or know where I can find a diagram? I've rubbed mine against the house bay window for the second time..... The first repair didn't do a great paint match and rounded the sharp edges. Its frustrated me for sometime so i'm going to buy a new bumper...
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    Self fit tow bar???

    Hi Has anyone self fitted a tow bar to a sportback? Interested to see how easy it is to replace the rear bumper bottom section and did people get the electrics enabled in MMI by a dealer? I only plan to use it for taking rubbish to the tip and bike rack. £500 + £89 for the bumper section seems...
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    Audi Ensurance - free accident management cover

    Thought it worth re-posting this for the new members with 14 plate cars. Audi offer free accident management cover, you can get the product for audi and vw 2 mins to enter your details and your covered. cheers phil
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    Mud flaps anyone?

    Anyone put mud flaps on a SB? Just wondered if they would reduce spray on a white car but never seen one with the on, or a picture on the forum with them on. Cheers
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    MMI screen activation

    Hi allCan't seem to see an option for this?Can I set an option where the screen does not extend automatically ?Most of the time I listen to the same radio station and would prefer the screen down unless I need to manually activate it.Cheers
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    So how long does it take????

    So today is build day, the wait could nearly be over...... From the body going on the production line how long do you think it takes to go from bare body shell to complete car? I could be miles out but would guess at 8 hours???
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    A3 service pack?

    Hi Is the service pack good value on the A3 compared to pay per service? Seems pricy, my A1 costs £250 for 5 yrs where the A3 is £399 for 3 yrs. Bit cheeky as both cars are the same 1.6 TDI engines. Cheers Phil