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    Low oil pressure warning?

    My car has recently been in for its Pistons and conrods due to high oil consumption. I've had the car back a few weeks and the oil had dropped again about 2 segments and today the low oil pressure warning light came in the dash for about 30 seconds then disappeared!! I'm wondering if it's a leak...
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    Pressed plates?

    Has anyone got any pictures of their A4 b8 with pressed plates on? Would be nice to see before considering buying them.
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    S3 problems??

    Hi guys I'm considering moving on from my 2010 a4 1.8tfsi and moving to a 2.0tfsi S3. What I would like to know is does the S3 having the 2.0tfsi engine suffer from the major oil consumption problems ( piston rings etc) that other model 2.0tfsi cars do? Is this a known problem I should be...
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    New guy glasgow

    Hi guys Just thought I'd introduce myself to my fellow scots. Recent Audi A4 b8 1.8tfsi purchased. Good to know there's locals with good knowledge of these cars as its already saved me s fortune!! Marty
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    Failed oil consumption test

    hi guys, Complete new audi owner for the last month. I have a Audi A4 B8 1.8tfsi which has failed the oil consumption test! Having only bought the car a month ago secondhand from a well known car dealer in Scotland the car is under warranty and is booked in for a full engine rebuild next week...