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    CostCo deal - this weekend only

    CostCo Bristol have a deal on for this weekend only. - If you purchase 4 michelin tyres they are offering 20% off. The beauty is the deal can be split between 2 people e.g. you and a mate buy 2 each and you both get the discount. 225/40/18 92Y XL Michelin pilot sport 3 are £282 a pair before...
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    Stage2+ spark plugs

    Looking for feedback from those running stage2+ with cooler spark plugs. Currently I'm considering denso IK24s (supposedly 2 grades cooler than standard) versus the NGK iridum range (1 grade cooler).
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    Braided hoses

    Anyone on here running braided brake hoses, feedback appreciated.
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    Helix Clutch

    Hi, Due to a part being missed from my Sachs Clutch kit, I've been offered a Helix kit instead. Anyone on here running Helix on their stage2+ S3 or Ed30 ?
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    Wheel weights

    I'm looking for a product to remove the tacky rubber left (which the tyre fitting places never attempt to remove) after new tyres are fitted/balanced.
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    Stage2+ clutch

    Looking for feedback from anyone who's upgraded their clutch on a stage2+ S3/Edition 30
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    Streetwise automotive

    In case anyone is interested, Streetwise Automotive in Bristol have just become agents for Blueflame and ITG so why not get the whole lot fitted whilst you're getting Revo. Apart from a jolly clean workshop I can vouch for the quality of their work as they've fitted a few bits and pieces to my...
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    Revo Stage2+

    Apologies to those of you unfortunate enough to read my ramblings on other VW forums. I've just returned from HLM in Bromsgrove following the fitment of revo stage2+ code and the ITG CAI. I can genuinely say there is a night and day difference compared to stage 2 alone. I thought the car was...
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    Blue flame

    Just had the blue flame turbo back system fitted today to compliment revo stage 2 code, autotech pump, forge dv and panel filter on my edition 30. The quality of the system is genuinely superb, I couldn't fault it in any way. Hearing the engine start up for the first time, my heart was in...
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    Detailed Edition 30

    A few photos of my detailed Edition 30 courtesy of Joes detailing services. Once again another top job on both mine the wife's colt CZT. Hers is sporting ecutek software, turbo back system and Carbotech pads. Mine has revo stage 2 code, autotech pump, panel filter and fingers crossed, soon to...
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    Jetex turbo back system

    Traders, Can someone provide me with a price for a 3inch turbo back Jetex system for my Edition 30 please.