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    Hello all, i removed the fuel pump from above car 2 weeks ago and i cant remember how the retaining clip fits back onto the float of the fuel pump. therefore i need pictures please if anyone as them. There is a few pics on line but the pics for the actually retaining clip with pipe attached are...
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    G284 sensor

    Hi chaps i have an audi a8 3.0tdi v6 and am looking for the g289 sensor which is the passenger side crash sensor for the airbag, i have tried under passenger front seat/carpet and front bumper but cant find it, does anyone know where i can locate this thanks
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    Electronic handbrake not working

    Hello i have a 56 plate a6 with the above being inopertive, when you try to operate the light flash's on the switch and on the dash, vcds comes up with 02443 control head in parking brake, and 00473 control module for elec parking brake (j540) in abs module. I know the switch is extremly common...
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    Re coding a 2nd hand diesel pump

    Evening all, i am about to fit a 2nd diesel pump to a a4 v6 2.5 tdi on a 03 plate, due to it being faulty, but i am pretty certain they are coded, therfore could anyone confirm this for me and does anyone know how to re code it, i have vagcom as well if needed. Any help is appreaciated lee
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    Launch control

    Hello i wonder if Launch control programme can be added to the 3.2 dsg 04 plate via vagcom or does the dealer have to do it ? and what cost would be involved Thanks
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    S3 steering wheel onto a3 ????

    Hello chaps i am currently trying to find out if a s3 steering wheel will fit my 04 a3 plate dsg The part number of the seller is 8j0 419 091 c which as multi function buttons,dsg paddle shift, he says it fits audi TTmk2,s3,a3, and r8. I think i will have to vagcom it if it does fit but can...
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    Bodykit for my A3

    As above chaps, i have just brought a 04 plate 3.2 and am already on the hunt for a kit, there is a s3 one on ebay for £175 but i think that will be a botch up to fit lol, i think the gen one's will be too pricey so does anyone know of any abs plastic one's ? i would also consider another make...
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    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, i am Lee and have come over from ukmk4's since selling my v6 4 motion and recently brought a black 04 plate a3 3.2 dsg which i love to pieces already. I modified my v6 alot and was a full r32 rep, and think i will mod the 3.2 aswell, starting with a re- map to un leash the extra...