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    Help Please!! Rub/Squeak/Grind from passenger front wheel/corner.

    cheers for your help guys, i will strip it down and take the strut to my mates garage and press the old one out and the new one in! what a ball ache though, i replaced the arm only 2 weeks ago, oh well at least i know where things go!
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    Will B7 aero wiper fit B6 chassis?

    I have an '04 B6 Avant with Aeros as standard do you need the PNs checked?
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    Jack Point for Control arm replacement

    cheers for the reply, if the sills will take the weight with the stands (wood protection included) i will do what you recommended but i will jack both sides up at the same time, just need to find a friend to give me a hand and remember to do it very slowly! out of interest though does anyone...
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    Jack Point for Control arm replacement

    Hi all, this is my first post after just being a reader for a long time so please go easy. i'll start by saying i searched but couldn't find the answer (I know people hate it when other don't search). I need to replace the lower rear control arms on both sides (audi service inspection report)...