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    TDI Injector Nozzels

    Hi Guys can any one let me know if these injector nozzels will fit my 2.5tdi V6 180bhp Audi A4 AUDI 100 A6 2.5 TDI T4 111KW 0.216 INJECTOR NOZZLES DSLA150P764 | eBay and it might be worth emailing the guy if any one would like to upgrade nozzels :)
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    My new Exhaust 2.5tdi V6

    Well had my new exhaust system done! and its made a fair bit of difference instead of it pulling only to 4.5k it has opened up another 500 revs in the range pulls alot nicer... a as a bonus the guy who mapped it is going to add a touch more boost and fuel on the map to match the exhaust for...
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    Quatrro / FWD Coilover difference

    Hi Guys well looking at getting some coilovers for my 2003 2.5TDI Quattro coilovers i can find LOADS for sale for the fwd audis of this age and to be honest they both look like the same fitment! can anyone please point out the difference, possibly with pictures ect ?
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    Fresh SLR Photoshoot Pics of the A4

    well me and a good friend of mine decided to head out for a couple of overcast merky shots of the car and below is the result :) he has also photoshoped a few pics to show how she should look lowered, ( Coilovers next month) and now the pics that have been adjusted ( lowered) :)...
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    2.5tdi v6 6speed Gearbox issues HELP :(

    Hi guys well had the car out yesterday for a drive no issues great little drive about.. pulled on to my drive last night and have left it until now.. jumped in to the car to head to my girlfriends and the car wont go into any gear.... reverse or any fwd gear... it crunches slightly when trying...
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    The Audi is now sporting some sexy roof rails :)

    Well picked up an ebay bargin today and test fitted them, thought i would showcase them and get people views. i will be using them for a roof mounted bike rack :) as well as possible show use... get a roof box and colour code it :) thoughts and comments i think they will look even...
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    Parrott Kit Custom install Driver air vent

    Hi Guys well i managed to get my Paws on a cheap enough parrott kit and amped wiring for my car, the main reason i bought this was so that i am able to use my Ipod on the car. i didnt want to screw in to the dash so i went about customising my drivers vent... and if i ever come to sell the...
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    B6 A4 Wiper Linkage

    Well i decided to change the wiper arms to B7 aero ones tried to remove the nut and the spline sheered off... totaly gutted will have to buy a new wiper linkage.. can any one let me know if this linkage will fit? AUDI A4 2000> WIPER MOTOR AND LINKAGE | eBay
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    Pictures of the Girlfriends polo :)

    well today we washed and clayed the polo so we could get some decent pictures :) current spec 1.4 engine FK Street coilovers TSW Alloys refurbed in anthricite with purple glitter in JOM Bonnet Bra GTI front Grill Custom rear badge Pressed plates and VAG surrounds Aero blades few pics :)
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    Arch Rolling on the Audi A4

    Well i recieved my Arch Roller in the post a week ago and after watching some tutorial vids i have atempted to do it on the Audi with a 50% success rate. Started with the drivers side arch.. jacked the car up put her in gear off with the wheel ect ect attached the arch roller then.... ooop it...
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    B6 Brake Upgrade

    Hi Guys been searching the forum for a clear answer on brakes and upgrading them but i cant seem to find the certain answer to my question. i want to upgrade my brakes on my 2003 Audi A4 2.5TDi Quattro as i feel i just get too much brake fade and the car is too big for the brakes it has on. i...
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    Audi A4 2.5v6 tdi mini Project *Pic Heavy*

    Hey guys Well its time to make a project thread, progress on this will be as quick as possible but i want to do it right, i have loads of ideas flowing round in my head to make this my own. i have only owned the car a week but i have ordered a Pannel filter, and uprated fog lights she is also...
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    03 B6 2.5tdi Air con problem

    Hi Guys just bought my audi a4 03 plate and.... My Econ button wont turn off ( on position) i have checked the presure and it seems fine and i have checked the fuse in the drivers pannel and again seems fine. has any one got any ideas and if so can you point me in the direction of the problem...
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    My 2.5tdi V6 :)

    Well just joined this forum and i am going to be honest i dont know alot about audi's as i have came from japenese cars all my driving life.. i picked up this one around a week ago and she is lush to drive let me know what you guys think and what you think i should do to her...
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    Newbie with 03 Audi A4 :)

    Hey guys located in the North East of England and came from the dark side ( Jap cars) i used to own a vti civic coupe but i needed somthing...... smoother, quiet that i could actualy take people out in. i eventualy settled on a 2003 Audi A4 2.5 v6 180bhp version