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  1. Les 51

    Anybody Seen this?

    I got tagged on Facebook to look at this, mightily impressed. Has anybody come across this before?
  2. Les 51

    Power Steering Belt replacement

    Gorning Morning Guys. I'm after a bit of advice please, I am in the middle of replacing the power steering belt and have hit a problem. The belt is on and we have got the fan off (eventually!) but the tensioner bolt has sheered in place. I now need to get the rads out of the way s oI can drill...
  3. Les 51

    For Whitey_1

    Found this and thought you might like it :icon_thumright:
  4. Les 51

    Reliable Audi!!

    Well I'm at work, I was supposed to be on the way to one of my suppliers to pick up some bit's, and the ****** car wont start!! :wtf: Now on a 2 1/2 hr wait for the RAC to come and tell me they can't do anything and tow it to the garage.:motz: My poor old Mondeo did twice the mileage this has...
  5. Les 51

    Cheap Fuel

    Hi guys Where's the cheapest fuel in your area; I was in Haverhill today and Sainsburys had both petrol and diesel at 95.9p Cambourne in Cambridge it 96.9p for diesel Feel free to add yours(especially if it's cheaper in my area :icon_thumright: )
  6. Les 51

    MAF readings?

    Hi Guys, Need some help please. I plugged my A4 into VAGCOM today to check out some info I was told by the garage that serviced my car. It came back with no faults (thank god!), but the MAF readings were changing wildly between 130mg/str to 320 mg/str. Is this ok ? the Specified readings are...
  7. Les 51

    Brake pads for 2002 A4

    I have ended up with 2 sets of pads for my car If anyone is after a set I will sell them to you for £38 inc postage. They are ebc red pads for my 2002 A4 2.5 tdi PM if interested
  8. Les 51

    Debt Collection!

    I was a bit busy today, so when the phone rang one of my employees picked the phone up. On the other end was a lady working for a debt collection company, anyway she asked to speak to the owner, when my guy told her we were both busy she got a little irate so he asked if he could take a message...
  9. Les 51

    Radio problems

    I have an Avant with a symphony stereo and have a real problem listening to radio 5 on AM. Anybody have any clues why? I know the aerial is in the rear window( well I think it is) Can I move it and put one of those sharks tail aerials in the roof? and if I did would it make any difference? Thanks
  10. Les 51

    Another Bank Holiday!

    Well it must be, it's chucking it down with rain, I have to get 2 tyres sorted (even the spares got a puncture!:gun2: ) and I have to work :keule:
  11. Les 51

    Has anyone seen......

    The New Ford Focus Cab? I follwed one today and it looked pretty good !!
  12. Les 51

    A bit of speed on water

    Not quite Audi speed, but a good shot of some very quick sailing And what happens when it goes wrong! :lmfao:
  13. Les 51

    This made me laugh

    Saw this today and had to take a picture
  14. Les 51

    Even the car is........

    a women!! :)
  15. Les 51

    What do you do........

    with this? Wonder if it'll end up as a cut and shut case ? :think:
  16. Les 51

    Fog lights!

    I was driving home last night about 7pm on the A14 (know it?lol) and there in the outside lane doing a gentle 55mph was an old Festa with it's fog lights on!!!! it was a lovely clear evening the roads were clear,so what is it with people? Can they not see that not only do they look complete...
  17. Les 51

    That'll teach me !

    Need a little bit of advice guys .............. I managed to clip a kerb y/day while visiting London!:keule: I didn't realise they made the kerbs so damn high!!!!:gun2: Anyway does anyone know if you can get a touch up for Audi Alloys? I'm hoping to lightly clean the rim and just touch it up...
  18. Les 51

    A word of warning!

    Anyone thinking of changing their bulbs beware of this. If you lose the clip which holds the cover on you will have to buy a complete new headlight ! :sign_omg: :wtf: I couldn't get a new one anywhere even the breakers I rang wouldn't sell me one:banghead: Why the hell don't they just...
  19. Les 51

    Want to check a reg ?

    This may have been posted before if so sorry If you want to check the Reg of a car the RAC do a check. It's not perfect but it's not too bad
  20. Les 51

    A couple of my cars

    ok why didn't they show up? :banghead: Can anybody tell me what I've done wrong please :think: