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  1. NineNails

    Oil Level Sensor

    Hey guys, been a while. Big changes in my work and personal life just haven't allowed me the time to devote to any of my favorite things over the last year, it's all been a bit mental really. Still got the tqs and fast approaching 200k. Winter has seen the bodywork taking a further battering...
  2. NineNails

    Low Oil Pressure Warning again!!!!

    Bit pi##ed off to say the least! I had the oil pump changed about 3 weeks ago, then tonight I get the warning again out the blue. Getting the right hump with this car now! Gonna have to see what the guy at the garage where it was done has to say I guess (: :(
  3. NineNails

    Heko Wind Deflectors

    Has anyone got these fitted?? I've just got some 4 piece Front Rear Wind Deflectors fits Audi A41995 To 2001 4 Door Saloon | eBay They come with some clips that are supposed to go in the window channel but was wondering if you use them? because that channel looks awful tight to be fitting them...
  4. NineNails

    The dreaded 3 beeps of death!

    Bad luck visits me once again friends. I got the big red oil can on the way home the other day, although only for a few seconds. I looked to pull over but it cleared. All was fine for a couple of days then it did it again but once again it cleared before I could stop. It only seems to happen...
  5. NineNails

    TQS Downpipe Removal

    I've decided (coz I'm skint) to repair my exhaust rather than replace. I can get a new downpipe from ebay for £48 and am gonna faff about with some repair hangers. First hurdle is downpipe removal. It looks a right pain in the butt! Which is the easiest? Take out the cat with it still attached...
  6. NineNails

    Exhaust Dilemma

    What to do...?? Whilst under the car the other day I've noticed the whole exhaust is pretty much shot now. Downpipe flexi blowing, mid box not far off saying goodbye to the exit pipe and one of the hangers on the back box has nearly rusted through. I'm sure I've heard the rear box is very...
  7. NineNails

    Nuespeed 19mm rear arb

    How ****** much! Best price I can find is £207 but I do really want one with all it's brackety bits. Anyone know of it anywhere cheaper? I would ask if anyone had one for sale but I'm not really allowed to make this a wanted advert so won't ask that. Si.
  8. NineNails

    Tracking settings

    Morning all I've a pair of trackrod ends to fit on Saturday to the tqs and was hoping someone here would have the ideal tracking settings that I can give to whoever I can find to set it on a Saturday which will probably be Kwikfit or ATS (only ones I can find on a weekend). I've never heard...
  9. NineNails

    Track Rod End Knackered??

    Hiyaz I've just found some play in my n/s t.r.e it's not in the ball joint but on the threaded bar. If I grab the road wheel at quarter past 9 and move it, I get about 5mm play in and out of t.r.e on it's threaded bar. It's only a few months old too and was replaced by the garage who did my 4...
  10. NineNails

    Going Through Thermostats

    How do, it's been a while. Hope everyone has wintered well :) I've just fitted the third thermostat in less than a year. All have been genuine replacements from Audi and to be fair these last two they have supplied free under warranty. Do you think it might be a bad batch or may there be a...
  11. NineNails

    Speed Related Vibration

    Getting a fair old vibration through the car which starts getting very noticeable at around 50mph but I suppose gets too fast to feel as bad after about 65mph. Ok, so I went and got all the wheels balanced which also ruled out a bad tyres or wheels... And the vibration is still there. Is there a...
  12. NineNails

    Quick connect heater matrix hose

    The one that connects to the plastic flange pipe at back of head. Does anyone know the size of the sealing o ring just inside the pipe? Getting desperate to stop it leaking and can't get to the dealers for one Cheers :)
  13. NineNails

    Thoughts on injector cleaner fuel additive?

    Snake oil or good medicine? Will it really clean my injectors? Make my hair grow back and give me a larger penis??
  14. NineNails

    Getting a pain to start

    If the cars not been run for 2 or 3 days it's getting a pain to start. I will occasionly need to crank it for a good 10 seconds and even then it sometimes only starts and idles very rough untill I switch off and start again (sometimes another 10 sec crank, sometimes not) then all will be fine...
  15. NineNails

    Front shock recomendations

    Hiya I'm after some new front shocks as nearside has got a tiny bit of wetness to it. I've got Eibach pro kit springs fitted so I'm looking for some opinions. I've already been pointed towards Bilstein B6's but the cheapest I can find them is £111 each which is a bit rich for me just now. Would...
  16. NineNails

    A Lesson Learnt

    Today's lesson... If you fit a new thermostat, always pop it in some boiling water FIRST to make sure it opens properly. Just because something is new doesn't mean it works!!!
  17. NineNails

    Sodding Water pump Now

    Fitted new cam belt yesterday and all went well until I took the V belt off the water pump and felt the play in the pump shaft. Had no choice but to carry on with the rebuild. Stupidly I'd not thought to get a new pump thinking that because it's not driven from the belt, I wouldn't bother. Now...
  18. NineNails

    More Problems :(

    Hiya, I'll try to keep this as short as possible without waffling on... A couple of mornings ago I started the car and it ran very rough on tickover like it was missing a cylinder. It wouldn't seem to clear itself so I left it running and tried disconnecting each coil in turn to see if one had...
  19. NineNails

    Small Plastic Valve Thing

    There's one of those plastic disc shaped valves that is connected at the back of the inlet manifold and runs to the master cylinder and a vac line off to the intake pipe somewhere. What's this valve so I can find one somewhere? I just snapped the nipple off for the vac line. I've kind of super...
  20. NineNails

    Plastic coolant flanged pipe

    Don't you just love the word FLANGE? I think it's ace anyway... :tumble: Ahhem, anyway, I've got a new one to fit. It's the one at the back of the head with the coolant temp sensor in. The original fitted only has one sensor hole but the new one has two. Is there a blanking plug needed to go in...