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    A6 v8 for sale

    The time has come for me to part with my 1999 a6 v8 due to the lack of use. Going to be getting something a wee bit cheaper. Anyways heres the ad 102000 miles,4.2 litre v8,quattro 4 wheel drive system,service history,metallic silver with aqua leather interior. Automatic with tiptronic and shift...
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    My a6 on a5,s.

    Title says it all really,had the car 6 months now and after getting a few things sorted mechanically,its really starting to come together. Its a 1999 audi a6 4.2 quattro. In the 6 months i have owned it i have replaced...... New timing belt kit,including all tensioners and idlers. Replaced...
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    2.7/4.2 rarity?

    As the above really guys,what is rarer? I drive the later and havent seen any on the road. Seen a few 2.7t,s about so this got me thinking does anyone know how many 2.7t,s/4.2,s were built? They certainly are a rare car. Cheers jay.
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    A6 4.2 v8 starting probs?

    I have a a6 4.2 v8 1999 and just recently i have been having probs getting started after i have been on a journey,normally when the engine is warm,it takes a good couple of seconds to fire up. I have already changed the temp sender but to no avail. Anyone got any ideas? Cheers jay.
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    v8 airfilters????

    Just new on here peeps so be easy on me. I have just bought a 1999 audi a6 avant quattro 4.2 v8 and apart from the usual miltek exhaust that goes well with these motors i was looking to buy a performance airfilter to pep things up a wee bit. Been looking everywere for something but cant find...
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    New member saying hello.

    Hi my names jay and thought i would register as i have been looking at this forum for a while and thought i would join today. Brief car history audi coupe 2.0e,traded that in for a focus :think:then bought a seat leon fr tdi 150,was a good car but i like my revs and well diesels dont have enough...