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  1. CrypticS3

    A day I don't want to repeat

    Warning.... This post is neither informative or useful. Just me being a busy Bee. Many times I have been told that running three dark cars would be a giant PITA... Normally I'm fine with it as I like how good they look when they are clean but today I may have taken it too far. Figured since...
  2. CrypticS3

    S4 Avant upgrade path options?

    Right. Had the car for a grand total of 5 days now and I've already got that itch. Have never kept a car standard for any great length of time and this one is no different. Having looked at the options I now need to hear some real world experience with different tuners and the different stages...
  3. CrypticS3

    My S4 Avant is home.

    Well yesterday was the day. Finally picked up my S4. Up at 5am to catch a flight from Inverness to Gatwick. Why Gatwick I hear. Well the Heathrow Flight wasn't until 1pm and was £250. The gatwick one was 7am and £40. Quick bus transfer to Heathrow and then a taxi to Fontain Motors where the car...
  4. CrypticS3

    Looking to buy an S4 Avant, advice please.

    Hi all, So short version of the story goes like this. Bought an S3 to get me out of a bind last year. I'd previously bought an X-Type Estate for the missus to daily and to lug around some big stuff when required. Missus started using S3 as a daily when I went offshore and upon my return had...
  5. CrypticS3

    CrypticS3 - An Audi misadventure

    Well I've been around for a little bit now so guess I should make a start with a proper thread and an introduction to the car I should've walked away from. The short version of events were a need for another car and the impatience that comes with having to do a complete house move in two and a...
  6. CrypticS3

    Any garages in Scotland doing engine De-Coke?

    As above. Tried searching but not having much success finding somewhere doing walnut shell blasting near me (Scottish Highlands). Car just clicked over 75K so think it's about time to get it looked into. It's either that or start looking into how to go about cleaning them out myself :readit: