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  1. J

    Symphony VCDS Code Help needed

    Thanks for your advice and suggestions...will print out and take it down to the audio boys. Jo
  2. J

    Symphony VCDS Code Help needed

    Have just bought a 2nd hand Symphony to replace the Concert unit in my 2008 S3 Sportback (Bose sound system). Installed OK and is running fine..much prefer having the 6 CD changer capability. But the External Aux -In does not work and I think that there is a VCDS code setting that can be...
  3. J

    S Tronic option on the S3

    It was introduced in autumn 2008. I got mine delivered early Dec that year and it was one of the first orders in UK. Love the S3/DSG/Mag Ride suspension combo.....
  4. J

    Good Service from Sky

    Had to insure my S3 and a Suzi Jimny last week. Got good service and advice from Luke at Sky with a fair discount on the Jimny to match a competing company's quote. Would certainly use them again.
  5. J

    Oil consumption TFSI

    Audi will say that anything up to about 1L oil per 1000 miles is OK. My 2.0 TFSI and now my S3 use hardly any (1L per 10 000 miles). I put it down to giving the engine a proper run-in to bed the oil rings...i.e. really loading the engine from low revs in 3rd gear when very new. If you are...
  6. J

    Haldex Controller

    What MY is your S3? can this controller be fitted to the facelift S3?
  7. J

    magnetic ride

    They are very good on my S3. In sport mode, they keep the car well balanced when throwing it into tight corners...I'd get mag ride again in my next Audi.
  8. J

    Bang & Olufsen in an A3

    Even better would be a Naim system which Bentley are putting into their cars:
  9. J

    Bang & Olufsen in an A3

    I'd like Audi to do a better quality set up than the Bose. A B&O for the A3 would be good.
  10. J

    Not overly impressed with my DSGizzle

    Mine has just had a software upgrade from Audi. It seemed fine before with no jerking problems. Only improvement I have noticed is that it now doesn't change up to 6th gear in town traffic at 30mph. Seems to wait until about 40mph. It is very smooth all the time, quick power at take-off -...
  11. J

    S-Line Xenons

    I think they constantly auto-adjust level to avoid blinding oncoming least they do on my S3
  12. J

    S3 Facelift Price?

    I'll be selling my Dec 08 S3 Sportback in january...s-tronic, mag ride, bose, light pack. give me a shout if you're interested.
  13. J

    VW Challenges the S3 - Golf R revealed at Frankfurt Show

    270 BHP, Haldex 4WD and sports styling...looks like the S3 has some in-house competition as I bet the Golf is going to be cheaper.
  14. J

    Things You Didn't Know Your A3 Did!

    Never happened in 13 years of using the auto catch in germany.....
  15. J

    Things You Didn't Know Your A3 Did!

    I stick the filler cap into the handle of the fuel filler to keep the trigger in the on position without having to hold it. There is a small catch on the trigger that is meant to do this, but it is disabled in UK for some reason...but they work at german fuel stations.
  16. J

    2.0 TFSI losing!

    You need to really load the engine in the first few miles of running-in to bed the piston oil rings. If you don't, they never seal properly as the bores get glazed. Warm engine, 3rd gear at 10mph then foot down to around 4000rpm. Only a short burst though and repeat several times. Did this...
  17. J

    Buying A3 TDI 170 Help!

    Quattro is a must - getting that amount of torque down through just the front wheels is not a good plan.
  18. J

    RNS-E - Anyone purchased from this Guy ?

    Hi Spin, I live near hamburg and could perhaps check out an address if you want. Jo
  19. J

    Long European Drive

    i live in N Germany and have great fun with both my Audis on the Autobahn. Sadly, I miss the gently winding country roads of S England where the S3 really excels, but it is nice to be able to open up the throttle without worrying about Mr Plod.
  20. J

    2.7TDi vs 3.0TDi

    Considering a diesel A4 or A5 as next car. What are the differences between the above engines - are they basically the same design apart from capacity, or is the 2.7 an older design?