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    Faulty passenger side mirror

    My passenger side mirror on my 2012 C7 sometimes does not fold at all, sometimes it does just fine. It has it's "days". When the mirror doesn't fold, the adjustment also doesn't work or it's super slow. Do you think it's the motor fault (which means replacing the whole mirror) or can it be...
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    A3 8V BCM Replacement

    Hello everyone. I'm starting to gather parts for Bi-Xenon retrofit to replace my Halogen headlights on my 2014 8V. I've already gathered all the parts and I'm planning every step so I make no mistakes. I've checked and my BCM doesn't support Bi-Xenon (low) and ordered BCM high. I've read...
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    FL MIB Retrofit

    Hello, I'd like to retrofit FL MIB standard to my 2013 8V which as MIB Standard (5.8"), mostly because of the slow multimedia, lack of features and mainly screen quality. I wanted to confirm the part numbers: 81A035824 - MIB standard unit 8V0857273N/P - Screen (What's the difference between N...
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    Halogen tail light pin layout

    Hey everyone. I took the wires out of my outer side tail light lamps connectors on my 2014 PFL 8V and I accidentally forgot to write where each wire goes. Does anyone know the pin layout for the outer halogen tail lights on the 8V? It's a 3-pin connector. Thanks.
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    How to take pins out of a 6 pin connector?

    Kind of a dumb question, but I accidentally put a wire into a wrong pin inside a 6 pin connector as shown: How do I get it out? Can't seem to figure out where the clip that holds it sits. I tried to push it from the outside, inside (under is not possible because there's another row of pins)...
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    PFL headlight variations

    I want to buy a set of used/new front headlights for my 2013 8v which is currently halogen. I've searched on eBay for them but I've seen a lot of part numbers and I'm confused to know which variation I need. So my few questions are: 1. How do I know which part number I need? I've seen part...
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    Halogen to PFL LED tail lights

    I've tried to search here but couldn't find any information. I have a 2014 8v Sportback with halogen tail lights and I bought a set of PFL LED tail lights. The halogen has a 4 pin connector while the LED require 5 pin connector. All the threads on the forum got around it but never said how. I...