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  1. MoAudi1.8T

    Looking to purchase, but need some advice :)

    hi there peeps, been looking at the a4 b8 2.0 tdi 143 s-lines but dont want a manual so have searching through for some autos. i wanted to know are the automatic gearboxes multi-tronic or are they s-tronic? if i remember correctly, the b7 a4 had many problems with the automatic gearbox, im...
  2. MoAudi1.8T

    2010 S3 Front End and Other Bits available

    alright mike, make us an offer mate, nothing too ridiculous lol cos we all know how much there worth, Kelvin, sorry mate not able to ship to hong kong
  3. MoAudi1.8T

    2010 S3 Front End and Other Bits available

    Hi there guys, a salvage friend is selling full front end as he recently purchased a rear side damaged sportback S3. Rear parts are provisionally sold but may be available if not collected. Full front end available Complete front bumper with grilles and fogs Wings Bonnet LED DRL Headlights...
  4. MoAudi1.8T


    Khufu I think that may be the case. What would you suggest be the quickest way to clear it? long run on the motorway ? or kickdown everywhere :w00t:
  5. MoAudi1.8T

    S3 Rear Bumper Conversion (Done)

    Looks spot on mate! get some pictures up, were all waiting :D
  6. MoAudi1.8T


    cheers mate :) yeh looked at the exhaust tailpipe and doesnt seem to be any oil there :S . when driving casually no smoke is seen whatsoever so thats why were a bit confused aswell
  7. MoAudi1.8T


    Sorry i havent been on, been trying to sort out the car! As some of you had suggested it was the turbo that went! the old turbo was gone completely! car is running fine now thank God! however the car is smoking slightly but dark black smoke, but only when we kickdown we see thick smoke for a...
  8. MoAudi1.8T


    I had a feeling it might have been. When u say he may be luckynto get away with a few bent valves,im assuming this is repairable? Thanks for the replies boys
  9. MoAudi1.8T


    Really? :( . Has he caused any more damage? We stopped the car immediately but iv heard snapped cambelt will bend the valves?
  10. MoAudi1.8T


    Hi there guys, my mates just bought a 2.0 tdi 2004 with 80k. But yesterday it was driving normally and out of nowhere we heard a snap/bang and whitish smoke starting pouring out what appeared to be from the exhaust!!!! As we saw this, we stopped the car immediately, but when we went to...
  11. MoAudi1.8T

    Front End of a B7

    Really? I read on one of the other forums and the guy said he fit a b7 saloon s line bumper to his cabriolet :S
  12. MoAudi1.8T

    Front End of a B7

    hi there guys, just need some clarification of something on b7s. Do the following front end parts vary on the B7 A4 or are they the same for saloons, avants and cabriolets front bumper bonnet headlights just need to clarify for someone that they are the same for all b7 a4s thanks :D
  13. MoAudi1.8T

    A6 Facelift C6

    Hi there guys,, Iv been looking at an a6 to get for my old man but im undecided yet as to whether to get the saloon or the avant. atm my dads driving a seven seater and the extra space when the seats are folded down comes to handy so was leaning towards the avant, but the avant didnt seem to...
  14. MoAudi1.8T

    Extended Warranty! Help!!

    After hearing about so many problems ( i know that you never about ppl who have had no problems but only people who do lol) but have any of you had any experience with WarrantyWise??? After doing a quote on their website, it was roughly £600 for the year but all parts included and even wear...
  15. MoAudi1.8T

    Would you buy a new A3 now?

    There still hasnt been any confirmed release date of the a3 has there?? does that mean its still some time away or will it be released suddenly?? it hasnt been revealed at any motor show which is the norm before a new model gets released
  16. MoAudi1.8T

    Flat bottom steering wheel and Cruise Control

    What about not having a flat bottom, and just get a multi functional wheel,atleast then you will have an airbag that works! LoL MFSW arent very hard to fit are they???
  17. MoAudi1.8T

    Would you buy a new A3 now?

    Thats a good question, but like others have said good spec a3's might not be available at launch time, question is when will the next s3 come out???! :D guys, how long after the new a3's release (2012) would you reckon the current a3 starts to look dated? such a wierd thing i have about my cars...
  18. MoAudi1.8T

    New S3..Black Edt in white with 5 spoke new style alloys....Advice/thoughts?!

    White all day long mate!! Its gives the car that exotic look, all the arabs drive white cars and when you see them in london, white is the colour that always stands out regardless!! :)
  19. MoAudi1.8T

    A3 Sportback - 2010 8P3 S3 Facelift

    LOL, Sorry mate I didnt realise at first what you were referring to so thought you were being sarcastic, apologies geez :) Tbh the best people to speak to are HazzyDayz or wait for NHN, Dean or Phil to come along and they should be able to help, as im not at this stage yet im not able to give...