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    does it smoke more than usual??
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    petrol needle playing up help please

    it goes down side of your car in the loom for the rear lights etc (was under the floor sill panels on my vw on drivers side). They will be along with your fuel pump wires. its just two wires which go to a potentiometer in the fuel tank to sense how much fuel is in using a float. I doubt you will...
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    petrol needle playing up help please

    I had similar prob with my vw vento. The sender wire was grounding to lights everytime i turned them on and displayed zero fuel. There were other bits it kept doin too but I checked the wring and found the loom had corroded and the sender wires were touching the lights wires. Hope this helps.
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    1 Turbo Enough ? Maybe 2 ? How about 8 !!!!

    Suprised they ever spooled up!!
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    audi 100 wiring diagram

    Have you checked fuel pump relay??
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    well depends how much your willing to spend. You pay for what you get more or less. you could risk buying of ebay for cheap but I would look into salvaged cars/scrapyards. By the way who told you this? It could not be your turbo it could be your crankcase pressure is high and more oil and...
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    A80TDI wonders side to side...

    Yea Im getting it booked in for someone to properly look at it soon just busy at the moment with engine stuff. Il keep you posted! Thanks.
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    Bora TDi 115 Mass Air Flow?

    Hey Dan did u find it on GSF?? I can't find it on their site
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    Squealing brakes

    How are the wheel bearings?
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    A80TDI wonders side to side...

    Hey guys, Just bought a Audi 80TDI SE, really nice car apart from big problem with it.... When accelerating, it pulls to the right and when I take the foot op gas pedal to engine brake it starts pulling back to the left...When in neutral this does not occur and also under braking it stops in...
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    'zorst craziness

    Hmmm Zorst of the month
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    Why dont Audi

    [ QUOTE ] MikeA2B said: He happens to drive a Talbot Express van (huh)so I let you decide what to think of his veiw on quality engines [/ QUOTE ]
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    Why dont Audi

    [ QUOTE ] but to be honest if a 150bhp engine could safely be upgraded to 180bhp then why arnt the manufacturers doing it, the term i hear a lot is that car manufacturers dumb dowm the power level, thats ******, the manufacturer knows what the customer wants and thats more power, they just know...
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    Wife puts petrol in TDI130.

    [ QUOTE ] Karcsi said: Or do jealous petrol owners go round petrol stations at night a poor diesel on our lovely handles? [/ QUOTE ] yep
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    Wife puts petrol in TDI130.

    [ QUOTE ] Hingy said: Now that i have a diesel car, I find the thing that gives it away is the fuel pump handle being filthy and stinking to high heaven. [/ QUOTE ] Very true. I find myself looking like a woman most of the time cus I put them plastic gloves on otherwise my hands stink of diesel!
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    NOS in a TDI

    don't forget that just because a diesel is smoking doesn't mean its running out of air...diesel combustion takes a lot longer to properly burn so even if you do have all the air ie from nos, big turbo etc, if you haven't got sufficient timing advance your still going to smoke. Hence why no fast...
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    TDIRS Vid...

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    Name these cars!

    try this link... Zip file Better work its draining all my patients now!
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    Name these cars!

    its nearly 3mb zip file
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    Name these cars!

    Doesnt work for me either Iv tried twice to upload but still wont work???