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    Can't get the back of my 99 a3 tqs to sit level

    Hey need of advice again. It all started with a broken rear spring on the drivers side had a bit of weight in the boot at the time,replaced the rear springs with 2 my brother had for a tt quattro (5 purple dots) then realised the shock had also died so fitted a new pair. Took it for a...
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    Cheep Rear shocks anyone used these

    Just wondering has anyone used these shocks are they any good seem fairly cheep for gas 2 Shock Absorber rear quattro syncro 4x4 Allrad VW Golf IV 4 Bora AUD
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    Ajq problems need help

    Hey all iv a 99 a3 1.8t quattro 180 Whitch I'm having a few issues with. Iv had her since last April and all was well till 2 weeks ago when I started getting a random misfire so assumed coil pack as iv had something similar on my a4 b5 quattro swapped them round but miss stayed the same then a...
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    New to posting

    Hey all finally got round to posting, anyone else from Ireland on here .iv been into audi for a bit now had an a4 b5 1.8t quattro and now have an a3 8l 1.8t quattro 180 now.the a4 was a fantastic car but getting a bit tired after 340,000 miles so she had to be retired. So after much searching I...