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    For Sale Rs3 oem coil packs x 5

    Hi As above have five oem available to sell as spares or replacements Covered 20k miles Good upgrade for other mqb platform cars £130 collected.
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    Upgraded ARB’s question

    Hello, I have been researching this topic for the last week and still a bit unsure which route to go I booked in with MrC tuning to go stage 2 plus only facelift rs3 8v but contemplating to fit H&R roll bars front and rear but have been told that on the rs3 8v you don’t really need to fit the...
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    Wanted Audi rs3 8v - miltek downpipe and apr coil packs

    Hi As above Anyone have a second hand downpipe they have removed from their car if they have gone back to stock miltek - good condition Will consider Br motorsport Iroz Scorpion Also apr upgraded coilpacks- what have you? as a bonus anyone removed front and rear upgraded anti roll bars? And...
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    anyone upgrading their 2004 audi 2.0tdi fwd 8p suspension

    Hi guys, i know this is not the wanted section, but is anyone looking to upgrade thheir current s - line or sport suspension?? if so i would be intereted in your oem dampers only. low mileage is possible please Ive noticed that mine have become slightly tired and also get a knocking from the...
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    A3 tdi 8p owner saying Hi

    Firstly...hello Ive been on this sight for a while now when I owned my highly tuned b5 rs4, some of you guys on here may know me from AudiSRS, but if you dont then i look forward to meeting you at future events/meets. Since selling the rs4 late summer last year I aquired a very nice 8p a3 tdi...
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    RS4 B5 - are they really that quick?

    Bit of a Biased question really if im posting in this section but im on the hunt for one at the minute and there is one that im interested in at 470ish hp with near enough the same torque My question is, are they really that quick as people make out, ive owned some fast japanese cars...
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    Gearbox's - can they handle the abuse

    Guys, as the title says really how strong are the b5 gearboxes - in terms of tracking/launching anyone ever had any issues/replaced? are they notchy? or butterly smooth? someone told me the standard clutch and Gbox can handle 500hp and the gearboxes are like tanks. is this true? :confused:
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    Brake disc upgrade options

    Hi guys quick question regards the B5 RS4 discs. (car already has B7 calipers) whats the dimensions on a standard oem disc? also dimensions on a B7 disc? apart from the drilled B7 discs as being an upgrad (how much are these?), what other discs are out there Ive been reading the VW W12...