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  1. cjwardy

    New S3 or ??

    I do enjoy having the 300bhp. My fear would be if I downgrade performance I'll end up regretting it I guess. How did you find the A35? I really like the look of the M135i from behind, but am so unsure on that front end! Good call though.... I'll add it onto the list Thanks Chris
  2. cjwardy

    New S3 or ??

    Morning All, After your advice & recommendations... So I currently drive a 2018 S3 Sportback (pre OPF). It's on a lease deal & at the end of the year she goes, so I'll be looking to replace her. My dilemma is this.... what with? I'm a photographer based in & around London & the SE doing...
  3. cjwardy

    2021 Audi S3 Hatchback Leaked... Err...

    & some more recent images. These courtesy of @audittsquattro on IG
  4. cjwardy

    Q3 Q3 V Design Alloy wheel set

    Hey everyone, Hoping that somebody might be able to help. I’ve found a 2019 Q3 in the spec I wanted bar the V Design alloys. Can anyone point me in the direction that I could purchase some as a one off please? Had a google & no luck so far. Just after a rough price & if reasonable I’ll go...
  5. cjwardy

    S3 wing mirror cap

    Thats helpful, thanks! Just the standard brushed chrome one
  6. cjwardy

    S3 wing mirror cap

    Evening all, I had a disagreement with a tree in a lane local to me this evening. Managed to crack the passenger side mirror cap quite badly & it needs replacing. How much am I looking at for a genuine replacement? Does anyone have a link to purchase? Hopefully an easy enough fit to do...
  7. cjwardy

    Audi Sound System

    Thanks for the responses everyone. Glad to hear it's not just me that's suffering in some ways (excuse the pun) Do we know if Audi intend to release an update on the software to cure the problem?
  8. cjwardy

    Audi Sound System

    Morning all, So I’ve had my FL S3 from new in March & really cannot fault it apart from one thing.... the Audi Sound System. I find it really quite poor. Subwoofer? I get a better quality of sound & bass from my wife’s PFL A3. Even my A1 had a better sound. What seems to happen is when a...
  9. cjwardy

    Squeaking/Creaking drivers seat

    Morning All, So I have a 2018 S3, owned since March. In the last couple of weeks my drivers seat has developed some rather irritating squeaking & creaking. Sounds as though it’s the springs from within. I know it’s not a major issue, but it is starting to get quite annoying to listen to...
  10. cjwardy

    Facelift Post Pics Of Your Facelift A3/S3 8V In Here

    Delivered last week & absolutely love every part of it so far. Coming from a 1.6 TDI S Line A3 to this. The wife has a pre FL 1.4 Sportback too. A3 family
  11. cjwardy

    A3 8V Black Edition Question: What's the difference?

    I'm curious as to what the paint choices are with the BE? The online configurator only allows 3 options (brown, red & grey) I'm sure that there must be a greater choice available than this? Thanks
  12. cjwardy

    Panoramic Sunroof

    Morning All, New to the forum, however I've just bought a 1.4 S-Line for the wife & ordered myself a 1.6 TDI S-Line for my company car. So I'm sure I'll be browsing the forum regularly. My question is with regard to the sunroof option I've placed. With the lease company the order simply ticks...