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    Why can't I sell this car?

    Anyone got any opinions as to why can't I sell this car? I've had it up for 3 weeks now, couple of phone calls about it but nothing further... Advertised in on Autotrader, here, Edition38, Pistonheads, ScottishVAG. Anywhere else you can think of? John
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    What do you think of this A4?

    Opinions on this A4 please. Price look OK? THanks
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    Cursed Deer!

    Hit a deer coming over a rise in the road at about 60mph. Killed it outright and sent a few organs all over the road, but seemed to have got off remarkably lightly! Cracked bumper, loose headlight, crumpled wing and lost the audo badge and a foglight surround. If I were to buy a replacement...
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    Aircon blowing different temperatures!

    Have got a slight problem with my 03 TDI Sports aircon! Got into the car after work at 4.30am and put the aircon onto Auto, and HIGH because it was baltic outside, and about 10 minutes later as is usually the case, it's warmed up but the area over the armrest is quite chilly. I've always put...