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    SD Card

    I ordered the 4GB SD card from this seller for use in my B8 and was sent an 8GB SDHC card.
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    1.8tfsi remap

    Evening all. I'm very tempted to put a deposit down on an Audi approved B8 1.8 tfsi (160bhp). Coming from a 2.0tfsi S-line SE with 220bhp, I'm already thinking about a remap. Has anyone got any experience of Bluefin as I believe the map can be set back to factory settings by me should the car...
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    Rattling wastegate

    I've got the same engine and by the sounds of it, same problem. I was told that the only solution is to replace the turbo. Had the problem for about 18 months now with no further issues or change in performance. Would love to find a cheaper solution though !
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    audi a4 turbo

    2.0T FSI by any chance ? Mine does the same, haven't found a solution yet though :( I know the MK6 Golf GTi \ Seat Leon etc have a similar problem and there is a clip that fits on the actuator rod to shut it up (VW part number 06J145220A). Have been unable to find out if that will fit the...
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    Odd exhaust noise - 2.0t

    Found a really good garage near me (The VASS Specialists) who have tracked down the noise. The problem is the turbo wastegate actuator rod that's vibrating when the engine isn't under load. Where the rod is connected to the wastegate there is a bit of play. I'm told that the worn bush cannot be...
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    Odd exhaust noise - 2.0t

    Ah, was wondering if it might be the DV. I know what you mean, it can be a bit embarrassing, just need to touch the accelerator when driving past anyone !
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    Odd exhaust noise - 2.0t

    Hi. I'm hoping someone here can help, hard to describe really ! Car is 2.0T S-Line SE 2wd. When the car is moving, in gear and my foot is off the accelerator, there is noise which sounds like the exhaust is blowing. The higher the rev’s, the noisier it is. The sound goes away as soon as...
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    1.8 t 163 remaps

    I had my 1.8t 150 remapped by Mike from Motech a couple of months back and it still puts a smile on my face when I put my foot down. First class service from Mike as well. As others have said, I leave it running for a minute or two to allow the turbo to cool if its been driven hard, try not...
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    Engine flush ?

    Thanks for the replies. Service history was reasonable before the last service; 3 Audi and 2 BMW specialists. The oil filler cap looks OK, but if general opinion is that it wont do any harm I might as well be on the safe side and get it flushed. Anyone any ideas about the boot interior...
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    Engine flush ?

    Hi everyone. I’m not exactly new to this forum, but this is my first post. I’ve got a 2002 1.8T, and after reading a lot about the oil sludge problem I’m worried about it happening to mine. I bought it from a trader 7 months ago who serviced it and changed the cambelt and waterpump. As I...