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  1. Ajwiggy

    Do 8v seats fit 8p?

    Anyone no if this is an option? Was thinking of upgrading to leather and although I like the 8p s line part leather seats, (these should just be a straight swap) the 8v seats are nicer. If the mountings are the same then there should not be a problem. Just wondered if anyone on here has...
  2. Ajwiggy

    8v seats in 8p?

    does anyone no if the new 8v seats fit in an 8p, I ask as Ive always fancied upgrading mine to leather but never liked the look of the 8p leather ones as the leather always looks loose and baggy, apart from the s3 ones but these are rarely available second hand. Any help apprecieated.
  3. Ajwiggy

    Which octane fuel in 1.8 tfsi - hesitation and stutter on acceleration when cold

    Hi, Ive recently got my Audi a3 1.8 tfsi 2010, all was well for first few days and now its developed a hesitation and juddering under acceleration especially when cold, but its not all the time. When the car has fully warmed up to operating temp it does not do it. It did have about a quart of a...