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  1. JFelts

    dashboard illumination colour...

    hi guys. I'm just going through my S3 upgrading and changing things, all ready working up to a stage 2+ remap but just a little question on the dashboard illumination colour, can it be changed to white? i have seen some with it but didn't know the feasibility of changing it... thanks in advance.
  2. JFelts

    Revo intake fitted today!

    Hi guys, just had my Revo CAI fitted and Oh my Fu**ing days does it sound amazing!! it addictive hearing it! the car also feels a lot more responsive as its teamed up with the stage 1 remap so far! Also a quick question.. i am thinking about getting a new clutch and have been told that Helix...
  3. JFelts

    RS3 Grille on S3?

    hi guys, probably a million posts about this already but is it possible to put the rs3 grill onto the s3 bumper? or we talking about a lot of F**king about?! and if you can is it possible to put the S3 badge onto the grill.. thank you!!:redface:
  4. JFelts

    S3 problem!!!

    Hi guys, i had a long ride in my S3 yesterday up to birmingham and back from london and i noticed an issue which was when driving at 70/80MPH & in gears 5 or 6, when i put my foot down the revs would jump from lets say 3K revs up too 4K. the engine wouldn't pick up then it would jump back down...
  5. JFelts

    Need Help Please Guys!! S3 Remapping issues.

    Hi everyone, i have a 2008 S3 and its already Revo Stage 1 Re-mapped, but im looking to go Stage 2 or more.. and i am useless with vehicles and have no idea what i need to purchase to get it too stage 2 + or stage 3!! im useless i know :( here is a few pictures of my toy! :wub: (not great...
  6. JFelts

    My New Dolphin Grey S3..

    Hi guys, i've had my S3 for about a month now and have been just taking onboard info from various threads on here and thought its about time i shared a few pictures of my S3! (which i absolutely ADORE) :wub: