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  1. Fraser

    1996 t sport head gasket gone - end of the road?

    wife broke down the other day, coolant hose split in cold weather, lost all coolant and drove the car until the oil pressure light came on. new coolant hose on and now the car loses coolant and failing sniffer test :( 180k miles, head gasket needed, skimmed head and 4.5 hours work plus fluids...
  2. Fraser

    S4 alloys and tyres for your B5?

    got some for sale with or without tyres in the classifieds missus wants smaller wheels - back to the 16's for her, better as she will just damage them anyway cheers
  3. Fraser

    what size tyre for standard 1.8t sport A4?

    trying to sus out some rain / winter tyres for the daily, but my 16's are at my mates quite a distance away they are 16 x 7J as std think they are 205 / 55 / 16 's can someone confirm? thanks
  4. Fraser

    cat pipe turbo side came off

    was overtaking 4 cars and heard a huge gutteral groan on way back from viewing a house feck! says the wife... pulled over and saw that the cat pipe that mates to the fixing studs to the turbo has popped off, looks like weld failed or when the car was having a new exhaust fitted the other day...
  5. Fraser

    Wanted - A3 quattro T sport or S3

    for the wife Chris Knott have written off her car following a smash where the other party drove through a red light anyone thinking of selling up? nothing over 100k, super modified or too OG - thanks
  6. Fraser

    allroad added to the family

    phase 1 car purchase made - 2.7 T allroad tip with 68k and full recaros :rock: picked up my new allroad last weekend, she has been into Grizz for a check and a few things to sort but pressure tested nice and tight. Cheers to Unit 20 for sorting out the areas prior to my road trip
  7. Fraser

    S4 1999 facelift springs - FREE

    moved home and found these in my shed - full set of fronts and rears they had covered 72k when I took them off collection only from near warrington as they are heavy! they will be going in the skip if no-one wants them
  8. Fraser

    Price check - the t sport may be for sale

    thinking it is time to move the old girl on thinking she is worth approx £800 to £1250 - right ball park? 1996 P plate 1.8T saloon with 150k miles FWD in silver new turbo at 140k serviced regularly at dealer then specialists (unit 20 on the wirral) - still pulls really well full black...
  9. Fraser

    TQS Avant on the trader V837SWL

    Thought I would make people aware of this one as I had a wasted trip up there to see it after being told it was a great nick Went to see this one in Wakefield not in great condition at all guys had clanged it over christmas...
  10. Fraser

    Turbo hose clips and clamps

    I am going to renew these before I remap the car with the new turbo on where am I best getting them from? what sizes do I need? cheers!
  11. Fraser

    No access to site all day yesterday?

    as above no access from multiple connections and computers
  12. Fraser

    1.8T AEB 1996 Turbo removal - how long to do

    My turbo has gone, suspect the wastegate is screwed / stuck open as I have no boost - have changed out the DV, N75, pressure tested and MAF - still down on power by approx 30bhp i.e. feels like a normal NA 1.8 Can I change it out in situ? if so how long do you reckon? Had the headlight...
  13. Fraser

    Instrument Cluster Bulbs change - with pics

    finally decided to get round to pulling out the instrument cluster to change the bulbs that had gone on my 1996 A4 T Sport tools needed 1x thin nose pliers flexible philips heand screw driver (socket set type is fine) 6mm socket for the bulb removal and refit use this guide to help...
  14. Fraser

    Big Turbo A4 vs Stage 3 S4

    crazy americans!
  15. Fraser

    S4 oem springs worth anything to anyone?

    I have some left over from my facelift S4 in the shed are they worth anything ?
  16. Fraser

    My S4 up for sale

    time has come to move up the housing ladder a bit so the car is up for sale... sad day :( Car is now in the classifieds and on piston heads Any questions please PM.
  17. Fraser

    Ebay S4 recaro interior - warning I have just been to see those s4 recaros from ebay and the door cards - waste of f***ing time drove 2.5 hrs to see them, the seller said they were is great condition when I asked to see better...
  18. Fraser

    buying an allroad

    looking at an allroad for the old man has anyone had one of these? if so what did you think of it? anything to watch out for? looking at either a late C5 chassis 2.5tdi tip or upto a C6 chassis with the 3.0tdi - both with all the toys the specs look good and the C5 seem really good vfm...
  19. Fraser

    ok - stupid headlamp question

    Tsport 1996 preface lift I have a hole in the lens of the passenger headlamp, have sourced a replacement unit but can I access the screws to pop her out? no. top 2 torx are fine, then I have access problems as the indicator is blocking - does this indicator slide out or is it fastened some...
  20. Fraser

    Eibach coilovers

    S4 Nov 1999 saloon B5 chassis are you able to supply these? if so what sort of deals are you offering? thanks in advance