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  1. J

    2.0TDI 170 (Automatic!!!)?

    Is the Automatic Gearbox a good thing on a 2.TDI 170? I have the chance to buy a BE ex-demo. Just a bit wary of the Auto box
  2. J

    2.0TDI 170 (Automatic!!)?

    Is the Automatic Gearbox a good thing on a 2.TDI 170? I have the chance to buy a BE ex-demo. Just a bit wary of the Auto box
  3. J

    Service Indicator ReSet

    Just gave my car a good seeing to. Done all the usual servicing jobs but can't seem to lose the servicing indicators on the DIS or Mileometer. Do I have to get this done via VAGCOM or can I do it without?
  4. J

    Miles Per Wheel bearings

    My A3 has done done 37,000mls and already requires two wheel bearings!!!!!Anyone else had this problem?
  5. J

    Michelin Sport Contact 3 Tyres

    Not sure if this thread has been covered before if so can someone point me in the direction. Fours months past I bought 4xMichSP3 tyres and was getting on fine until last week. One had worn bald by 9000mls and has been sent back to Michelin and the others have started to 'Howl' like a jet...
  6. J

    Windscreen Replacement

    My windscreen has been damaged beyond repair and needs replacing. My Insurer only wants me to use Autoglass, with whom I had a bad experience with before. The last Audi I had they tore the surrounding interior. They are willing to pay upto £140 to my prefered replacement. Anyone know how...
  7. J

    Sportback 'Undertray'?

    Can anyone tell me the correct name and part number for the 'bellypan/Undertray' on the driverside of the A3 sportback Sport?
  8. J

    RNS-E, Those good guys at Audi

    I have taken the brave steps and installed an RNS-E unit into my MY2010 A3. I bought the unit and relevant wiring from ebay. On excertion of the previous unit I was kind of confused by the wiring. I had also bought the Connection boxes and ariel connector as advised, however after looking at the...
  9. J

    New 1.6Tdi Mpg

    I have questioned this issue already with little response due very few having this engine model. However I guess by 'Audi' statistics loads have been sold! Those that have this engine what miles per gallon are you getting?. Audi say that you should be getting 68/72mpg. I have questioned this...
  10. J

    RNS-E Confused

    I have been thinking of retro fitting the RNS-E in place of my Concert Radio. I called the Rep at the garage where I bought my car and he says it was very expensive and almost impossible to do! I called in at another Audi dealer today and asked how much it would cost to fit the RNS-E to my new...
  11. J

    MPG figures

    Where do Audi get their MPG figures from. Previously I had a 2006 1.9TDI which had MPG figures of 50+. I have since bought a 1.6tdi with estimated MPG to be around 65/68. I have now done 1800 miles and the DIS tells me I am averaging 49MPG. My pump receipt tells me I'm only getting 46Mpg's!!!! I...
  12. J

    RNS-E Purchase

    Hi I am thinking on purchasing An RNS-E unit for my MY10 A3 Sportback Sport. I have been on Ebay and see a few for sale from Lithuania. What does everyone know about these and are they to be trusted? Or should I stick to buying one from the UK Cheers in advance
  13. J

    Diesel Freezing(Waxing)

    Not sure if this has been discussed before!! I have a few people tell me of their horror stories this week of the Diesel freezing in their cars. Although I have yet to fall victim. Does anyone know how to prevent this? I have been told adding Kerosene or Petrol to the diesel tank helps any...
  14. J

    1.6TDI Towbar

    Can anyone tell me why you can't fit a towbar to the new 1.6TDI Sportback?
  15. J

    A3 1.9TDi Starting / Running Problems 55 plate

    Having issues with my A3, When left outside over night in rain I have problems getting it started. The engine turns over but will not fire, after several attempts it finally fires but very irratic with the 'glowplug' light on, then conks out. After several re-tries the engine eventually fires...