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    Can i use a A3 1.8T M Reg as a parts donor for a 2001 AUDI A3 1.8T QUATTRO

    Can i use a A3 1.8T M Reg as a parts donor for a 2001 AUDI A3 1.8T QUATTRO i no its a six speed gear box but what about engine parts
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    no clutch

    ok thought my clutch had gone started to strip down to fit new one and found the slave looked like it had seen better days changed that thinking thats all it mite be got it driving but felt like it was going to stall no air in the lines so now i bleed it again and now there defo no air in lines...
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    bleeding clutch fluid

    hi peeps i have had a look but no luck in finding what tool i need to bleed my clucth fuild
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    i was going to change my clutch as i think it has gone but when i started work on my A3 1.8t today i had taken out the clutch slave cylinder to find the rubber on it is broken and the plastic rod inside is visible hanging out and has now come out of the body of it could this be my prob im going...
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    Solid Flywheel Conversion

    ok guys so my clutch went awhile back replaced it with out replaceing the fly wheel lets just say im a fool so that time has come again and the clutch has gone again so i'm going for the Solid Flywheel Conversion as most of you most prob no that the dual mass flywheels are £££ so i have found a...
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    02J and 02M trans

    just a quick Q peeps gonna start work on my clucth and flywheel im guessing i got a 02J as my car is 5 speed but could you let me no how i can find out if i have a 02J or 02M tran i have a 1.8T A3 im guess you think im mad trying this job if i dont no this but what the hell i am mad
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    concept radio removal

    trying to remove my audi concept radio any tips as its being a pig to get out
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    6 cd changer

    can i buy a after market head unit and wire it to my audi 6 cd changer
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    Radio code

    hi peeps just had my clucth done they must of taken the battery out now need code for my radio any ideas on how to find it out also payed 245 for my new clucth slupplyed and fitted is that a good price
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    help with my clutch

    hi peeps my clucth has gone when they do go does the flywheel go with them or do you need to just change the clucth
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    After market stereo

    hi peeps if i install a after market stereo will i be able to wire my audi sub in to it
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    daul fly wheel or solid

    hi peeps don't no much about cars so need to no what does my audi A3 1.8t 98 AGU engine what fly wheel do i need a daul fly wheel or can i have the solid convertion because there is a big differance in price because i need a new clutch and thought i mite aswell chage the flywheel while i am at it
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    Haynes manuals

    could someone tell me if this book covers my a3 1.8t 1998 i am just a bit baffed as it says on the page Audi A3 (96 - May 03) P to 03 Hatchback, including...
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    why does it always rain on me

    me AGAIN well today my clutch has gone i really don't no what to do i fill like crying lol so thought i would ask anyone no how much i am looking at spending its a A3 1.8T 1998
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    Sat Nav?????

    Hi peeps me again how do i find out what sat nav i have in my A3 1.8T sport 1998 r reg
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    just tryed the lcd repair

    o well i was not lucky enuff to get here back in shape looks like i will have to pay the 149 plus the VAT or i mite just give it one more go as i need to get the clocks out to reset the dam rev and speedo niddles :-(
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    brake lights ????

    should my brake lights still work when i put my foot on the brake and my key is out of the ignition
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    pls help electirc are running there own funfair

    ok just got the car there is no key in the its in my pocket but one back light is on and also one head light can someone pls tell me what the hell is going on as i am going to need a jump start tomorrow if i can not sovle this issue
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    when in 1st and 2nd feels like engine dies for a sec

    when i am pulling off like a boy racer it feels like when in high revs in 1st and 2nd the engine dies as in the turbo shorts out then back in and then back out does not happen all the time just when the car feels like acting like a %&*£
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    can anything more go wrong!!!!

    hi peeps took my key out of the car today to find my windows still worked and putting my foot on the break lighted up the break lights also break light keeps coming up saying bulb out and it was then come back on as if everything is fine and all so happens with back lights sometimes when i put...