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    Hold the front page on DUMP VALVES

    Hi everyone ;-) i've been allowed back ........yey :-> Hi S6tdi, as far as i know you cant fit an atmos dump to a derv engine......anyone else ?? The K&N wont give you ANY power gains but it will make it sound a little different, some like it some dont, your call ! It most probably wont...
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    Hold the front page on DUMP VALVES

    Hi peeps, Sorry i have been away for a while, nice to se the thread still going.... Just letting you all know my car is still running 100% problems free . Lee.
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    Difference between dump valve and diverter valve

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    New AIr Filter

    true Drew true....
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    Hold the front page on DUMP VALVES

    Olly mate the OEM DV is still where it should be and the BOV is fitted on the cold side of the intercooler throttle body pipe, all i did was fit a 1" bit of vac pipe to the vac manifold outlet and then tee of from it to feed both DV nad BOV...if you follow. Heres a pic to show you.
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    just fitted induction kit

    ooo, now now curtis.
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    nice one peeps, keep em coming Thanx alot lee
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    Merry Xmas peeps I need a body kit for my 97 A4 Tsport Any ideas people or good links etc Thanx Lee.
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    Hold the front page on DUMP VALVES

    hahahaha go for it Mine is still running spot on. Merry Xmas peeps.
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    Change of Air Filter on A4 1.8T

    In reply to JayB's quote about K&N filters being heavily oiled i choose to differ on opinion there J. K&N filters come pre oiled and K&N state on their website that through their exstensive independent testing they have never had any MAF failiure issues resulting from their filters...
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    Anyone used Monza dump vavles?

    Yer me too Drew, i would love the same remap but buying a new house has put paid to that for a while, i envy you Good look with it all and i hope its eveything you want. That BMC kit is another debate of mine hehehehe, i used to have a Mondeo 24v V6 2.5l which was 173 bhp standard, lovely...
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    Is a BOV ok or bad for your engine comparied to a

    audia4t99, have you fitted the Hybrid the correct way being the reverse to the OEM DV ? Also this Supposed 5-7 bhp drop ! thats one thing i haven't read about regarding the DV / BOV situation ! Surley if this supposed drop is between gear changes it wouldn't matter anyway as the clutch is...
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    Hold the front page on DUMP VALVES

    And so for the final experiment ! Couldn't be bothered with sending for the Ventury so i decided to make some more enquiries, i read on some American forums that they run both DV and BOV together !!!! Since at this stage i had nothing to loose i thought i would try it, so back on went the OEM...
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    Which exshaust

    hehehehe Pimply school boys eh !!! mmmmmm And your car does the 1/4 mile in "warp factor 7" lol Nice one, after a [censored] day at work that made me smile, cheers. I cant remember saying that fitting a BOV was tuning ! There are as many pros and cons related to both DV and BOV, a subject...
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    Which exshaust

    Ess Three didnt you consider taking it back because it is quite obviously poor craftsmanship ! Even the best products available have the odd fault or are put together by a joey wan#er !! after all we are only human. As for power, well like i said thats sometimes a missconception. on paper it can...
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    Hold the front page on DUMP VALVES

    The plot thickens ! Met A well sorted young guy today called "J" some where south of Birmingham, and fitted his GFB Hybrid to my A4. On his TTR it sounded awesome, just like the Scooby Doo WRX one but on mine even wound right out there was no noise, well very little ,so little infact that the...
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    Hold the front page on DUMP VALVES

    Ok Its ON !!! I am meeting Mr TTR on Saturday morning half way between Hull and Cardiff, a 200 mile journey each !!! This guy is really sorted, who else would help out another Audi fanatic like this ? ;-) I will fit his GFB Hybrid to my car and hopfully then i will get to the bottom of this...
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    GFB FX BOV is it any good????

    I asked Brett Turner the same question, he designed the GFB range and here is what he said :- Quote from Brett Turner, ""Both the Hybrid and the Stealth FX are the most suitable valves, since they recirculate a portion of air. The Stealth simply allows you to vary the noise like a volume...
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    Lumpy running

    Nice one mate ;-)
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    Which exshaust

    Bert S3 I paid £959 inc VAT for the cat and cat-back exhaust with JET ends, i didn't get a choice. Seperate the system was £459 and the sports cat was £500 Its not the loudest exhaust in the world but it really is a piece of kit....quality end of story. As for performance it is supposed to give...