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    Pot holes, wheels..

    Right, bit of advice if I can. I've had my S4 Avant in for a health check at a main dealer recently; took a few potholes over spring (water filled so didn't see them). Enough of a thud for me to check things out when in got home but no damage seen to tyres, wheel faces or suspension. Car drives...
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    Bad rattle from rear seats (?)

    I've got a B8.5 S4 Avant and I've had the rear seats up and down quite a bit for runs to the local tip recently. Those who don't have an Avant, basically the rear parcel shelf fully detaches as does the bar that runs across the back of the rear seats (that contains a sun visor). Now recently...
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    Bolts and large screws on the road.

    :motz: Queue 4 new tyres as tred was getting low and 2 now have irreparable punctures. Queue rage. Builder, yes you building that house on the corner, clear up your *****.
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    Sepang C7 RS6 Avant - CX15 *** - North West

    Does this belong to anyone? I don't often get jealous, but I hate you! :hubbahubba: Quite possibly my dream car, I know it's new and all that but if you don't want it then I'll take it off you (no?).
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    S4 - "Hollow" thud from front suspension

    Hi all, I'm sure I've read something on here (maybe another forum, can't remember) about suspension noise but I can't for the life of me find it. Bascially, I'm getting a very annoying noise from my front suspension; sounds a bit like a flat tire, it's a hollow(ish) thudding noise, like...
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    "Sport Mode" on the s-tronic

    Ok, I've been searching about this but can't seem to find a definative answer. If this has already been covered on this forum then apologies, I've not been able to find the answer I'm looking for. What does "Sport Mode" (or "S) do on the s-tronic? I've got Drive Select and Damper Control on...
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    New member intro and all that

    Evening. Bit of a long time lurker here during my "research" phase prior to taking the plunge, first time poster. So "hi". Recently picked up my 2012 facelift S4 Avant. Misano Red, pretty much fully loaded and on 19in 5 spokes (not looking forward to tyre replacement time). New to Audi, so...