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  2. slydog18

    Interior LED pack for 8L S3/A3

    How much was it?
  3. slydog18

    **Group Buy** Quattro tie arms

    I have only just seen this :( Is there any chance of a late add to the list?
  4. slydog18

    **RESOLVED**Received Relentless downpipe with a shipping bill from China...WHAT??!?!

    I just wanna add my 2 cents to this thread. I recently bought a V3 Manifold, Downpipe, and sports Cat. Obviously this is an after market product so thoroughly read up on it before purchase. Trailing through the numerous threads and Facebook pages I was made aware at some point that it was an...
  5. slydog18

    Good Tyre Fitting In Luton or West London Area?

    Hi guys, I have some freshly refurbed rims to go on my S3 and need a good tyre fitting place in Luton or West London area as I don't want them scratched. Any Ideas? Thx
  6. slydog18

    My S3 Shrank in the rain :(

    Penny Racer FTW !! :)
  7. slydog18

    Run to the sun east meets west (sprint & track) COV

    This is going to be an Epic weekend !! Cant wait. Grab a spot while you can peeps :)
  8. slydog18

    Can anyone tell me what this does?

    It would be sucking in too much air and making the car run weak I believe.
  9. slydog18

    Looking at some wheels, bit of help please :)

    Hi guys, I am looking at a set of wheels that I like for my 2002 S3 and would like to know if anyone can help me to see if they will fit. Adapters would be fine as the PCD is wrong or redrill might be best. They are 8.5 x 18 et34 and 10 x 18 et 28 Can anyone tell me what tyres would be best...
  10. slydog18

    pipes under inlet manifold

    Yup, thats Audi for you LOL. If you dont know exactly what you want then we aint gonna tell ya attitude :)
  11. slydog18

    pipes under inlet manifold

    Its not really the guys fault at TPS I think as I was in the local dealer getting parts and was gonna order a new pipe like this but the slide was sooooo vague and nothing like the shape of the actual pipe. The only real way was to get the number from the pipe which I could not see at the time...
  12. slydog18

    im looking for a part number of standard rear shocks

    Can I just add that when you order 2 rear shocks from Audi they come sellotaped together and not in boxes. Was gonna send them back due to scratches etc. but they said it would just be the same again. Well disappointed for a quality car manufacturer.
  13. slydog18

    somebody help me about this turbo an mani?

    I saw this for sale but he doesnt know what turbo it is so steered clear.
  14. slydog18

    damaged my s3 today

    Actually, i know someone who smashed their car up for exactly the same reason and was told that as there was no contact they didnt have a claim against the third party. You should only take avoiding action if it is safe to do so. I understand why you did it though, I would just out of instinct...
  15. slydog18

    First use of VAG.COM and now remote locking not working!! S3 8L

    All done now....thanks for the replies :s3addict:
  16. slydog18

    Helped someone out and finally getting the hang of VCDS...a bit :)

    Must say that I think I will register my genuine cable with Ross tech at some point as I helped a friend of ALi150 by recoding his A3 8P that has retroffited Xenons and stop them flashing like mental :) Was a bit nervous as didnt really know what I was doing but after seeing a thread, using the...
  17. slydog18

    Game over, damaged engine.... Only major damage is the cam

    Unlucky mate, hope its not too bad :(
  18. slydog18

    Please help me identify this stereo adaptor.

    He has just put the bose back in so wouldnt he need it?
  19. slydog18

    Malware blocked when accessing ASN!!??

    When I have accessed ASN tonight Avast has popped up with a Malware block as if ASN is running a virus. Just thought I would let you know. It seemd to be a .jp website/link blocked but cant find log at the mo. EDIT: This is the URL apparently
  20. slydog18

    'N88GGY' 2002 Noggy Blue S3 Build Thread

    Thanks All for the feedback I live in Farley Hill Area but not I am not from Luton :) I still have them but one is cracked. Probably gonna refurb them in black and polished and use as winters. Already have some paid for, just waiting for him to take them off his car!! :)