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    B5 facelift saloon speaker sizes

    Im sorry if this has been asked a million times before. But im at the stage where i want to upgrade my system. I would like to know what size the door speakers and tweeters are and what size are the ones on the rear shelve? Also will i need adaptors mdf rings etc to aid with fitting. Thanks...
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    Dv for 2.5 tdi

    Guys and girls What options are there available for fitting a dump valve to my 2000 plate 2.5 tdi. Rob.
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    2.5 tdi rear beam alingment

    Hi guys just a quickie Does any body know if audi offset the rear beam on the b5 chassis. Ive just fitted air and i seem to be approx 6-8mm towards the n/s as the arch hits my rim lip and the o/s sits on the tyre. Thanks for any info Rob.
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    Brake upgrade woes

    Alright chaps Need some help, Im currently upgrading my front brakes, my car is a 2.5 v6 diesel with 288mm front brakes, cool so i bought a set of what was described as 312mm upgrade, so stripped my front end down only to realise that the brakes i have recived are 330mm. Now to me this is...
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    Strange request

    Can some one give me the measurement of the one piece rear shock please. Looking for total length if poss Cheers rob
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    12v switch live

    Alright peeps Im wiring my air ride in on sunday. Just wondered on the best place to pick up a switch live from. Any suggestions other then the radio one. Many thanking yous Rob
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    Steering wheel options

    Hi people Im looking to het shot of my current boring steering wheel and upgrade to something a little newer from audi. My a4 is w 2000 facelift model and was wondering what options i have i.e b7 b6 a/s3 tt etc. I like the look of the flat bottom tt wheels but not sure on fitment. Any help...
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    2.5 tdi poss fueling issue. help needed

    Hi all after a bit of advice please. My audi A4 2.5 tdi b5 has developed a wee fault. after accelorating and lifting of the gas instead of the car just slowing down gracfully as it should, the car seem to lurch whilst slowing down, it pulls great when accelorating. ive also noticed that its...
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    Essex Meet

    Alright folks do these happen at all?
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    B5 2.5 v6 TDi tuning, engine upgrades etc

    Hey folks now i know that tuning the v6 is not as easy as the 1.9 but there must be something i can do to gain some extra horses. i will be getting it remap soon poss by amd essex or awsome, but i want to know if fitting a FMIC will give any gains and also what turbo upgrades injector options...
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    Hello from newbie in essex

    Alright peeps New to the board but have been browsing for a while, i see there are a few peeps from essex on here aswell I drive a A4 (B5) 2.5 V6 TDi running coilovers 18x8 fronts and 18x9 rears stretched rubber and spacers no engine mods yet, but she will be getting full remap and fmic, full...