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    RS4 style diffuser

    dont like my s line rear bumper ,looking for some insperation on a diffuser , anyone know much about this one below or any other types ,i know its an avant but will it fit on my 2004 s line saloon Audi A4 B6 RS4 Rear Diffuser |
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    headlamp washer jet eyeball

    one of the h/l washer jet eyballs is missing from mine ,squirts water everywhere, can you get an eyeball separate or is it part of the expensive arm/jet assembly, anyone got a spare?
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    what xenon bulbs have i got

    my oem xenons are sh!te , need to replace the bulbs , are they d1s or d2s in my 04 b6
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    emmisions light on code 16804

    16804 Cat system, bank 1 Efficiency below threshold P0420-002 lower limit exceeded-intermittent ilight came on the other day , i cleared the codes then came back on 2 days later when i floored it, any common faults on that lot above , thanks
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    mp3 player memory card

    just bought an 04 1.8t quattro ,comes with sat nav and mp3 player , its got 2 provisions for a memory card , but dont come with any cards nor the sat nav handbook , so what cards and gb do i need ? , im sh1t with technology
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    1.8t quattro backlash

    Just drove one and on motorway speeds there is a harsh vibration ,kicking through the gearlever felt like knackered gearbox/diff mounts and also the tyres are on the limit and the back end slid out on a roundabout i thought quattros gripped better , it was raining though ,didnt buy the car...
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    fuel range on a 3.0 quattro

    might be buying a 3.0 manual quattro, How many litres does the tank hold and how many miles do you get from that full tank
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    3.0 quattro v 1.8t quattro

    what are the 3.0 v6's like reliability wise also whats the fuel cons like ,ive had b5 1.8tqs and they aint brilliant on fuel for a 1.8 , would it be better to go for a 3.0 quattro instead , thanks
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    RS4 Rarb

    hi guys havnt been on for a while thinking of buying a b6 sport either 1.8t or 1.9td ,prefer quattro though , drove a 1.9td non quattro today ,went well ,good bit of torque but so much understeer when pushing on a bit ( i do drive anE46 m3 though ) if i buy one as a 2nd car ive read about the...
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    decode a concert

    how do i decode a std concert radio , i have a spare unit but no code
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    1.8tqs springs

    ive got a set of h+r springs on my tqs and the fronts bouncing in town driving they are far too stiff , anyone else had this ,i havnt looked at the shocks yet as i only had the car last week, i wanna replace them with eibachs but was just wondering if anyones used apex springs before
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    turbo guage f/s

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    speakers not working

    only the passenger door speaker works on my tqs its got the bog std concert radio ,any ideas before i start tearing it apart or rewiring speakers
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    resetting airbag light

    had the front seats out today on myw reg tqs for valetinig ,now the airbag lights on ,disconnected the battery but still on , how do you rest it
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    1.8 tqs cambelt

    just bought a w reg 1.8 tqs need the belt changed anyone done on or is there a good tech write up anywhere , is it true that you have to take the front bumper off , any help will be aprediated , thanks
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    Buying a B6 3.0 quattro sport

    im thinking of buying an 02 plate 3.0i sport quattro ,what goes wrong with these and what to look out for when veiwing one , the car i got in mind has done 104k with fash , are these quattros permanent 4wd like the b5 shape . im thinking of selling a bmw 330ci for this car , any help would be...
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    1.8 TQS why isnt it selling

    ive been selling my 99 tqs for months now its not shiftnig at all dropped over 1k off it its in the classifieds not even a sniff ,its up for 3k ! this is the cheapest ive seen them at , never had a car so long to sell
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    selling my 1.8 tqs

    ive had a great 5 months with my A4 tqs but sadly it has to go im leaving the audi scene ,this is my first audi after 15 bmws & the lure of the blue propeller pulls once again , i would def buy another audi one day , it would be an S4 next time , its in the classifieds on this site & on ebay...
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    quattro shox & springs replacement

    what's it like to replace shox & springs on a quattro ,easy or a mare , any special tools needed apart from spring compressors
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    vogtland springs

    anyone used these , what they like for my quattro , got chance of a set