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    S3 diffuser question

    Does anyone know if the rear diffuser on the S3 is easily removable? I'm after taking mine off to wrap in gloss black. I've searched high and low on here and Google with no answer. I'm hoping it's held on by a few torx screws and not a bumper of job..... Can anyone confirm? It's a 2008 3dr S3. Taa
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    S3 Coolant Pressure

    Hi guys, I seem to be having issues with my coolant on the S3. For the last week my Coolant warning light has come on the dash intermittently. l have checked the coolant level and it was below minimum so I topped it back up. After a few days the same thing happened again however when I took the...
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    Advise on A5 buying

    Hi guys, New to this side of the forum. Currently own an 08 S3 stage2+ but looking to change to the A5 as i love the style of the car. Not yet decided which engine to go for it'll either be the 2.0Tdi or the 3.0Tdi. I guess this is where you guys come in, as im after more mpg from the car. I...
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    S3 phone holder (photos)

    Hi guys, Ever since I bought the S3 19 months ago, its had the phone holder installed to dash board (photos attached). Ive searched high and low for the attachment so I can use my Galaxy S4 with it but haven't succeed. But now I have come this...
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    S3 low rev Hesitation

    Hi guys For the last couple of months my 2008 S3 has developed a hesitation at low revs when applying heavy load. It is happening in 4th gear from 2k revs to around 4k revs. Ive changed the spark plugs and the coilpacks which has made some difference but the hesitation is still there. Anyone...
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    Fault Code S3

    Scanned my S3 yesterday and this fault code came up... Address 01: Engine Labels: 06F-907-115-AXX.lbl Part No SW: 8P0 907 115 H HW: 8P0 907 115 B Component: 2.0l R4/4V TFSI 0050 Revision: 5BH16--- Serial number: AUX7Z0GNFNQ0N4 Coding: 01030003180F0060 Shop #...
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    Stage 2 S3

    Recently had my S3 8p taken to stage 2 from Stage 1. I'm just wondering about the figures it has produced and if it is under preforming at all. Torque 320Ibs 315bhp The tuner (which I used for stage 1 and has a good rep in Yorkshire) blamed the fuel I had in (Esso 97) and said to put V Power...
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    Lower Engine Mount

    Just got my car back from having its custom exhaust fitted ready for stage 2. Whilst I was there the mechanic said that I needed to replace my lower engine mount as it was split and the exhaust would have too much movement. The parts he said I needed was an Engine mount insulator, engine...
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    Rs6 Wheels On S3

    Hi guys, Im wanting to change my alloys on my S3 8p. Ive seen some that I like but unsure if they will fit. There 18" 8J with an offset of 32. They'll be going on 225/40 tyres with standard suspension. Will these fit? Will these cause any rubbing even on standard suspension? Thanks
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    S3 exhaust valve mod...long term

    Hi,There is alot of threads on here about people doing the exhaust valve mod and I'm interested in long the term effects if any it has had on the car. I'm wanting to do it on mine as I can't stand the 'clicking' noise it is making anymore! 😭😭😭😭Has anyone had any issues with the mod...
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    Hi, I ordered a new MK2 2014 193 G RNS-E UNIT from Germany and it arrived yesterday. Everything thing worked fine as it was just a simple plug and play. But when went to insert the new satnav disc the drive wouldn't accept it. It kept making a clicking sound. Anyway to cut a long story short...
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    After market Sat Nav unit

    Ive done a bit of research on here regarding the above bit everything seems be outdated. Basically im wanting to upgrade my mk1 Rns-e unit as it is very dated. After doing a bit of searching I came across this It states...
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    AUX input RNS-e....issue!

    Ive read a few threads on here about connecting the AUX input to the rns-e unit, so id thought id give it ago. Ive already got the AUX installed under the handbrake (looks factory fitted) so I thought it would just need wiring up correctly. Looking at the back of it the person before me had...
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    Part number for S3

    Does anybody know the part number for the A/C knob in the S3? Ive attached a pic of what I mean. The plastic top just pulls off and thats the bit I want to replace as the orginal one is a bit scuffed.
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    S3 LED DRL Bulbs

    Can anybody point me in the right direction for the DRL bulbs so I can change from the yellow ones that are factory fitted.... im wanting the ones so no coding is needed, just a straight swap.
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    S3 front grill surround

    I'm wanting to do the honeycomb conversion front grill on my S3 8p (pre facelift). Does anybody know if you can buy just the surround for the grill or am I going to have to chop up a second hand S3 grill??
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    Honeycomb Grill for S3 8P2

    Hi all, New to the forum and id post my first question. I've got a S3 2008 8p2 (pre facelift) and im wanting to change the standard grill to a black RS style honeycomb one. I searched on nearly every forum going for s3's dating back to 2009 and not really got a definitive answer lol. Is...