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    Totally dead battery

    Had a weird one this evening - 8Y S-Line Saloon, 2,000 miles on the clock, 1.5 TFSI. Came out to it tonight and warning lights galore, wouldn't start. Audi breakdown came out totally dead battery - they charged it briefly and I had to go out - on the way, the stop-start had a warning light, but...
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    Inspection service - includes oil or no?

    This may seem a stupid question but I've seen everything from "yes it does" to "it's just a visual inspection" and there's nothing clear on the Audi site. I've been quoted £260 by my dealer for the inspection service and had assumed this included an oil change (which is due in 30 days anyway) -...
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    Some basic questions - moving from an A3

    Currently driving a nearly 2 year old S-Line A3 which I love but a recent holiday suggested we need something a bit larger to accomodate the family and luggage, and I've seen an S-Line A4 18 plate at a price I like locally. However, my current A3 has loads of extras (as an ex-demo) including...
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    Facelift Washer bottle leak?

    I was surprised a couple of weeks ago to find the washer level warning light come on when I was driving, the car having been serviced in September (and presumably topped up then). I topped it up and thought nothing of it, but the light came on again last week. I've subsequently topped it up...
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    Facelift Can't get live traffic working

    This had worked fine in the past, and other online services work (connect etc...) and I have tech pack advanced, but I can't get anything other than TMC Pro. Used to be very handy coming home at night from work - any suggestions as to how I might jolt it back into action?
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    Facelift Disable windows being opened by keyfob

    Got up this morning to find all my windows opened, which was very unhelpful given the weather apparently can happen on the keyfob? I see references on other forums to disabling this on the MMI and want to do that as it's a feature I'll never use. Can someone talk me through it as I can't find...
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    Facelift Audi Sound System Sub settings?

    Bought a 66 plate S-Line demonstrator, with the Audi Sound System listed. There's a sub in the boot and it has a centre speaker so I'm assuming that means it does indeed have the Audi Sound System, but I can't see any control for the sub in the MMI? What am I missing?
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    Facelift Audi Sound System Sub question

    This is probably a stupid question but I'll ask it anyway. Last week I was looking at a new A3, and was told by the dealer that I couldn't spec either the B&O or Audi Sound System because the sub would stop me lowering the boot floor (need space for a pram). In the end I bought an ex-demo...
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    Protecting A3 seats

    About to buy an ex-demo FL A3 S-Line which I'm pretty happy about. The only thing that I wouldn't have specced is that it has the grey interior seats. As we've got a 6 month old I'd like to get the seats protected in some way from future spills (but not by paying the dealer the £500 or...