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    2004 A4 stereo help

    hi all, putting a sub in my a4(symphony II 6 in dash cd). do i need a PC3-11 adapter? radio keys-ive tried my local ice stores no joy where can i get them from? what do they look like? any help welcome
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    Angel eye headlights

    Just looked at a website that had Angel eye headlights for the A4. has anyone fitted them? whats the quality like? any other views?
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    playing dvd's on sat nav

    hi all, just wondering if the new dvd version of satnav plus can play dvds easily? iv heard u can get a dvd autochanger. do u need a tv tuner or any other adapter or do u just need the dvd autochanger?
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    audi retro fit parking sensors????

    hi all, was just wondering if anyone knew if an audi dealer would retro fit parking sensors onto my a4 s-line? any ideas on cost etc?(want colour coded versions)
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    S4 exhaust

    hi all, just wondering if the S4(B6) back box(es) would fit an s-line(B6). i think the s-line exhaust pipes are a little small. not sure about the milltek route as the noise issue concerns me, i really want a quiet system(near standard)
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    creaking steering and elec windows prob

    hi all, just looking for some help. my 2004 s-line has developed 2 problems. 1 the stearing creakes when turning sharply, nearing full lock it gets worse. 2 the windows decided to put themselves down today in the rain. i locked the car 2 sec later the windows go down. convienence system at fault?
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    Alloy wheel refurbs

    hi all, does anyone know of or used any alloy wheel refurb companies in central scotland? any recommendations? heard of some comapnies doing a mobile service, not sure if any cover scotland, i tried "wicked wheels" but the dont apparently any help welcome
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    front headlights?

    hi all, i have an A4 sline 190bhp. is it worth upgrading the bulbs>? how do u get into change the bulbs ie sidelights etc?
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    New Tuning of ECU

    Hi all, just heard of this new tuning company. the main agents in the uk are JBS the tuning system is called Custom Code and their website is here i found out about it thru the skoda website i use. apparently VW's and Skoda's are using it and getting good results. just wondering if anyone...
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    Milltek exhaust on s-line

    hi all, just wondering of any of the s-line owners have fitted a miltek exhaust to their car. interested in the noise increase, as i would like something quiet. is the noise much louder than standard system?
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    Symphony in A4 s-line

    hi all, i have the 6disc in dash head unit fitted to my A4 s-line. overall i find the sound system good. is it possible to wire a sub/amp upto this type of head unit? anybody done it? worth the work? cheers
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    S-Line quattro 190bhp

    Hi all, new to the audi scene, i used to have an octavia vRS with several mods(jabba remap etc) just wondering what are the tuning options for my audi, what bhp, torque etc is possible from remap etc. anything to watch out for, clutch etc? thanks for any help kenny
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    new member

    Hi all, im a new memeber. just bought an A4 s-line quattro(190bhp) i used to have an octavia vRS just wanted to say hi kenny