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    Sad times

    well hello people I have sold my yellow a4 2.0 tfsi dtm gone back to bmw
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    can anyone tell me if a DTM suspension is lower than a s-line suspension ?

    Have a look at mine fella 19" on my dtm in dtm cars
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    2.0 ltr tfsi oil

    what's the best oil to use and grade can u use o/30 Mobil one in the engines or stick with 5 /30
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    New pad and discs fitted

    Fitted new pads and discs ****** pad light still on used gen thinking of cutting and joining the wires if that does not help who no
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    ECON allways on

    High pressure sensor fault
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    Brake pad warning light reset?

    Rear pads don't have sensors
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    Audi b7 dtm pad warning light on

    Replaced my pads and discs on my dtm ****** pad light still on used gen gear any one
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    Audi a4 dtm

    Just clay barked the full car and polished it looks fantastic
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    Should this item be shaking?

    Don't worry it's normal
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    no power after new turbo fitted

    We're did u buy the turbo from
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    no power after new turbo fitted

    2 things get him to recheck remap and 2nd turbo could be faulty
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    Low oil presure warning light

    Car has done 55.000 full history engine code bul
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    Low oil presure warning light

    Some advise please my mate as a a4 2.0tfsi and whilst he was sititing in traffic the dreaded low oil pressure light came on turned car off straight a way re started oil light went off went another 2 mile in standing traffic came on again turned engine off and on again re started ran all day no...
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    Update, Lowered

    Looking good fella
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    Oil pickup change at service? 2.0TFSI

    The dealer or indi will charge u any way for removing the sump and resealing
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    Best oil

    Mobil 1
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    Cost to replace 2.0 tfsi turbo?

    Call turbo active