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  1. neil.c

    Brake warning lamp

    I have a yellow brake warning lamp displayed on the DIS, as if the pads are worn out. The car is a 2000 MY S3 and doesn't appear to have brake wear sensors. There is no indication of a yellow brake warning symbol in the handbook, only a red one (priority 1) for low fluid level and a fault in...
  2. neil.c

    Where is the Pimp?

    Fifteen posts on the seventeenth of september and nothing since, has the pimp gone back to skool at the DMU now summer is over, or is he trolling elsewhere?
  3. neil.c

    Pioneers of the S3 who was the first to own S3

    Just wondered who on the forum was first to order/own an S3, I ordered mine in aug 99 took delivery in dec 99. I am still driving the same car.