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    Big Brakes

    Hi all. Anybody know what front big brakes from another Audi model will fit the new S3 with upgraded 19” wheels ?
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    Biathalon cloth/leather or fine nappa ?

    Because of the long wait for my new A3 S-Line i keep wanting to change my spec. Partly because if i'm honest i've spent to much and also i'm very indecisive. I've never had an Audi with full leather before and after seeing a few low mileage A3's with baggie wrinkled leather i'm wondering if it's...
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    Shiraz Red Photos Please

    Would some kind people put some pics on of a Shiraz Red 8v cos me missis fancies the colour and i'm not sure.
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    A3 vs 1 Series

    Well after being jerked around by Audi being told my A3 would be here in twelve weeks then sixteen and now twenty to twenty four weeks i,m considering a BMW one series. I walked into my local BMW dealer today and was greeted by a very attractive young lady who told me she used to be a...
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    What do you all think about this tempting addition to the A3 whats it like £800. I want them so bad :eyebrows:
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    ​​Well i just got an update on my A3 order today. I was kinda hoping for good news. My build week was 40 with delivery October. I hoped they (Coventry Audi) were going to tell me it's coming sooner but sadly not. Now it's been moved back to week 49 with delivery December. I suppose i could...
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    Hey folks what are your thought's on this dilemma i have. I recently ordered my A3 S-Line 2.0 ltr diesel with way more extras than i can afford...... So, i thought, why not change to the 1.4 TFSI 140 Bhp Cylinder on Demand engine and save £1400. Problem is i have always had diesels and achieved...
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    Hello again.

    First time doing this and cocking it up....