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  1. Scotsmann1

    A4 B6 front wings

    Looking to replace the front wings on my A4 B6 is there a link for this to follow cheers for the help.
  2. Scotsmann1

    Wheel allignment

    Does anyone know where I can get my wheel alignment done in the Glasgow area.
  3. Scotsmann1

    Valet and Detailing

    Alright guys I'm doing a bit of market research I'm thinking of funding a valet and detailing business in the east end o glasgow and was wondering if it would be viable any feed back would be grateful thanks guys
  4. Scotsmann1

    Alternator replacement

    Alright guys how easy is it to replace my alternator on a 2004 b6 Audi a4 (190) I've had a look was wondering if it's just the 4 Allan key bolts that have to be taken out and new 1 put in .
  5. Scotsmann1


    Trying to find the part number for an alternator for 1.8t (190) 2004 a4 any help would be great cheers.
  6. Scotsmann1

    Help with paint work

    Can anyone help near glasgow I gave my a4 to a Pratt for some minor fixes and got it bk looking a mess he must have learned from mr mcgoo any one near cheers
  7. Scotsmann1


    Alright peeps s it possible to take the lens off of a headlight and clean it and then re-seal it noticed that I am getting condensation in the headlight when I wash it?
  8. Scotsmann1

    Paint work flaking

    Hi all don't know if this is where to ask but any1 in the Glasgow area deal with fixing and repainting of front wheel arches and a couple of small places on car that need done would be great to get a heads up where to take it been quoted silly prices and no 1 ca guarantee there work cheers for...
  9. Scotsmann1

    Black polish

    Alright guys was wondering what the best black car Polish is?
  10. Scotsmann1

    Another before or after

    What wheels look the best looking for some input going to sell 1 set cheers
  11. Scotsmann1

    Before or after

  12. Scotsmann1

    Black badge

    Can any one help I'm trying to buy a black front badge can't seem to find one that fits b6 model
  13. Scotsmann1

    A4 (b6) looking to get a new headlight clip

    Just noticed that my headlight fogs up a little and noticed that there was a clip missing from the headlight bulb fitting anyone know where I can get a hold of 1
  14. Scotsmann1

    Newbie from Glasgow

    Hi guys new member from Glasgow