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    newbie here :)

    Hi and Welcome. It's certainly not stuck up here. We're a friendly bunch. That's a mad colour TT. But mad is good!!! :jump:
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    Just thought i'd say Hi!

    Welcome. Which model do you have? Any Pics and info? :sm4:
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    Hi from bristol

    Welcome, I'm in South Wales so not far :icon_thumright:
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    Hi newbie here from South Wales with an A4 Avant 170 S-Line

    Welcome, I'm also a newbie and just joined up. I'm Near Pontyclun towards the Rhondda :-) I just sold my mk3 Golf Gti and have got myself a nice 2001 S3. Loving The Audi experience so far!
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    Newbie From Cardiff

    Nice to see some local members! I used to be regional rep for the Mr2oc when I had an Mr2 Sw20 and we used to go on some cracking meets and shows. Would love to arrange something again as I really miss that. It's always good to meet and chat to like minded people when you share the same passion...
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    Newbie From Cardiff

    I'm in Llanharry near Pontyclun mate how about you?
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    Newbie From Cardiff

    Nice one Steve. Who knows I may consider stage 2 in the future. Happy with the way it performs at the moment though :)
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    Newbie From Cardiff

    Hi guys, My name's Russ and I'm from just outside Cardiff. I've just bought my first Audi. It's an S3 8L on a 2001 plate and I have to say I'm chuffed to bits with it! Are any of you guys in my area? I used to be a member of the Mr2 Owners Club and used to enjoy the meets. Looking forward to...