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    Have audi changed the rear lights on late 2015 onwards A3s?

    Hi All, I keep seeing 65 and 16 plate A3s that seem to have (in my opinion) a much worse rear light configuration - instead of the large, very visible, long indicator strip I have on my 64 plate there is instead a really small, short indicator strip that isn't as visible when indicating. I...
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    How to retune DAB radio?

    As per the subject, does anyone know how to do this? I couldn't find anything obvious when looking through the menus myself and didn't see anything when reading through the MMI menu. I want to retune due to the recent UK DAB upgrade where new stations were added and some existing were moved -...
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    Hot Stuff! Literally just a minute down the road from the new Audi dealership in Swindon!
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    Sunglasses holder?

    One thing I miss from my previous car is a built in sunglasses holder - I've read some older threads that suggest you could use a Golf part to replace the driver side grab handle but this seems to be talking about the 8P rather than the 8V - anyone got any idea whether it's possible to do this...
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    DAB information on screen?

    Am I missing something or is there no way to get the currently playing track info etc to be on screen by default? I have 'station info' and 'detailed station info' ticked and can't see any other options that looks like they would make a difference - at the moment the station name is displayed...
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    Maybe a silly question - who to take car to for check over (leased car)

    Hi, Apologies for what may be a silly question (and I know I could find out the answer by ringing my lease company in the morning.... but being impatient ;-) ) My car is a company car through a leasing company (Alphabet) and it's just started making some faint knocking noises from the rear at...
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    Park Assist - Bay Parking experience?

    Hello all, Has anyone had experience of the bay parking function on park assist? Before going into the details, just wanted to get the whole 'I don't need it/I won't ever let a machine help me' line out of the way - if that's the way you feel, that's great - please feel free to start another...
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    Electronic handbrake - how loud is yours??

    Not sure if I never noticed it before or if mine has suddenly got a lot louder, but was wondering if anyone else can clearly hear their handbrake engaging when you park up and turn off the ignition? It's like a loud whirring noise - not sure if it's normal or if I should take the car in for a...
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    ACC, acceleration a little sedate

    Hi All, Am still loving the new car and have already had the cause to use ACC several times whilst in heavy start-stop traffic and in combination with the s-tronic, it's really made such driving a lot less tiring than my previous manual shift with standard CC. One thing I would like to be able...
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    Get MMI to re-scan SDcard?

    Hello, Sorry if this has been asked/answered before (can't seem to find anything in the search) - I've just added some new files and updated metadata on some other files but MMI doesn't seem to be re-scanning my SD card - instead, the new files don't show up (exactly the same format as the...
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    Neutral on S-tronic gearbox - do you ever use it? :)

    Just wondering, this is my first s-tronic gearbox and so far I've not come across a situation where I would shift into neutral - I'm guessing without hold assist one would use the neutral position when stopped at a junction etc to stop creep without needing to use the brakes?
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    Mmi Music Browsing Issues (tech Pack)

    Hi, I've just started using an SD Card containing a bunch of music with my A3 - before putting the music onto the SDCard I spent some time making sure all the metadata was correct - every track has album, artist, song, song number, an embedded 500px cover image and a bunch of other metadata (I...
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    Myaudi - Invalid Vin??

    Hi, I've just been trying to register my car with MyAudi but just get a 'Invalid VIN' message (I'm typing in the characters found on the bottom right of the windscreen). Has anyone else had this issue? (a quick Google showed that sometimes new plate cars don't immediately show up on the MyAudi...
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    Adaptive Headlights Vs. Main Beam Assist?

    Finding it a little difficult to understand the handbook when it covers the headlight functions... I have the xenon light pack which as far as I can tell, means I have adaptive headlights (confirmed by seeing the option in my mmi settings) it seems like if you have adaptive lights then you don't...
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    Perpendicular Park assist?

    Hi - before I ask the question, I'm not asking if anyone 'approves' of Park Assist, so if you don't approve or think it's silly or unnecessary or whatever please don't feel the need to share here ;-) I've just been reading through the html based manual for the A3 and notice it mentions parking...
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    Electric Lumbar support or not?

    Hi All, Have read a few posts and opinion seems to be divided on this, from what I can tell, if you don't spec electric lumbar support, the seats (all types) don't have any kind of lumbar support? So what do people think, is the additional cost worth it? Anyone with or without the option care...
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    Options, decisions decisions... !

    Hello all, I think I'm homing in on the specific options and model of A3 Sportback I'm going to order, but was looking for a little advice and experience from those who have already bought and used many of the options available. I'll list the options I'm going for and the rationale behind each...
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    Standard SD card based Satnav- updates, POIs etc?

    Hi All, Search function still doesn't seem to be working from my end, so again apologies if this has been answered already (I've been manually reading through the forum, but a little hard to find specific topics without search!) I'm thinking of speccing up the standard SD card based Sat Nav...
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    New A3, SE seats (with full leather) or Sport seats (cloth) - what would you choose?

    Hello all, I've just signed up to the forum as I'll soon be ordering my first Audi - I'm currently debating whether to go for an SE spec or a Sport. Apologies if this has already been asked/answered but the search function doesn't seem to work for me (I just get a message about cannot connect...