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  1. indiemike

    Lcr Brembo part number

    Any one know the part number for item 3 below please
  2. indiemike

    LCR Brembo Pins

    Hello not been on here for a while but always remember members being more than helpful. Anyways I have LCR with the 323mm brembos, I have the problem where I need new pins but really struggling to get hold of any at the right price. Only seat and tps seem to sell them at a lovely £67 a caliper...
  3. indiemike

    Max safe torque level?

    Just a quick question, roughly what is the max safe level that the 1.8 20v can handle in way of torque on standard internals and maintain reliability
  4. indiemike

    S3 dash cup holder help

    Wondered if anyone can help. I've removed the factor headunit and plastic silver center dash and fitted a S3 pre facelift piano black dash into my Leon, Fitted with S3 hazard/ESP and rear window heater buttons but I need the cup holder dash button. Does anyone know the part number? Or...
  5. indiemike

    TT battery 1.8 (03 plate)

    Just need a bit of help, need to find a bosch battery for a TT 03. Having trouble finding one online Could someone point me in the right direction Cheers Mike
  6. indiemike

    Download Music

    Anyone know of good places to download music from as im trying to sort out my wedding playlist out Was using Limewire but not having any luck with it anymore Cheers
  7. indiemike

    PS3 Red light of death

    Just happened whilst watching a dvd. Wont switch on or anything just flashes Gutted because ive sent silly amounts of hours on GT5.... All licences, all sliver or above, 300 odd cars Now a week before xmas and with wedding coming up.... It dies Anyone know if there are any places in...
  8. indiemike

    Gran Turismo 5

    Does anyone know if the 800 cars list has been made public yet? Also do you reckon it will actually come out in nov... Think ive been waiting a good 4 years now and giving up on the idea of eva actually having it
  9. indiemike

    Tdi tunning

    Hello i know this aint the normal place to ask, but since the seatcupra forum is **** and there are some very useful people here thought someone could help. Well anyway after a drive home from abersoch yesterday going down bala, I had a play with my mates S3, which to tell you the truth I had...
  10. indiemike

    Well This Is The S3 Replacement

    After selling my dear loved S3 last month (must add I miss it like crazy), ive bought a Seat Leon TDI FR Old... New... Cars running standard at the moment, got my mate who said he will map it on the cheap, but little worried about the clutch going if i do. Bought a Cupra R...
  11. indiemike

    What a intresting long day

    Well after selling the S3 on sunday i decided i wanted a Leon Cupra Tdi. After getting in contact with someone in Glasgow, lots of photos, chats on the phone i decided id go up and see it. Well after a 4 hour trip from liverpool i got there, 1st thoughts as i pulled around the corner...
  12. indiemike

    No More S3

    Well after just over a years fantastic ownership of the Audi it finally went this morning to a fellow member on here. Its going to be well missed but made up someone off here has bought it and will more and look after it. Going to pick my Leon Cupra TDI up on wednesday Sad the S3 has...
  13. indiemike

    Licence plate quick question

    Seen a car that I was looking at getting next week, it's been om a private plate but it's just been transfered over to a new plate. Tried running a HPI check on the new plate but keeps saying there's no information on this plate. Is this normal? Does it usually take a few weeks to transfer...
  14. indiemike

    Everyone Is SELLING UP

    Just been looking and noticed that there is a large number of people selling up the S3s Ive only got a few days left with the car, its finally dawning on me now that its about to go and im getting rather sad:crying: Its been by far the best car ive drove and owned But since ive been...
  15. indiemike

    Splitting my S3

    As a few of u know my s3 is up for sale. Due to the fact I won't get much money with the after mods on I'm thinking of splitting the car then selling as standard. Just wanted to see if there would be anyone with intrest in some parts. Not sure on prices yet but will listen to offers (no stupid...
  16. indiemike

    Think ive found the S3 Replacement

    After going through pages and pages and lots more pages on the internet ive finally found a Leon TDI FR i want. My mates having my car off me going to have a look at this soon. 54 Plate 45+ Mpg and Over half price insurance compared to the S3...
  17. indiemike

    Clio 172

    Hi some of u might have seen my car is up 4 sale. Not what I want but after moving house and the current price of petrol it's costing a fortune to run. I've been offered 2k and a Clio 172 02reg with 70k on clock. Has any1 had experance with them? Are the quick, how do they handle, miles per...
  18. indiemike

    My S3 For SALE
  19. indiemike

    Dyno Dynamics Run

    Follow up to my first post last week. Anyway on sat me and a mate who is also a member on here went to a rolling road day at Silverstone Autosports in deeside north wales. My mate went on 1st who is running a X reg S3 with 150k milage which is standard and ran 194 Hp. So i went up next...
  20. indiemike


    Taking my car to a rolling road day on saturaday, running on a dyno dynamics. Never been to one before but ive read alot about the "Dyno Lottery" Are some more accurate than others?