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  1. avvy786

    Help!!! Gear selector

    Cheers mate thanks..someones offering me one of a 2008 do you know if that would be same
  2. avvy786

    Help!!! Gear selector

    Audi S3 8p- so was driving home from work as i came off a junction and went for second it never went to second instead moved to neautral which is driving as 3rd gear...when putting it 4th it believes that to be neautral...gear stick didnt move left or right... Got RAC out and turned out to be...
  3. avvy786

    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links and wanted in here. Do not create a thread.

    do you still have the door handles and any pictures mate?
  4. avvy786

    Audi s3 exhaust please

    Does anyone know the length of the centre section exhaust on the S3 8P 3 door and the diameter of the pipe...would be a big help if anyone has this information :)
  5. avvy786


    Just looking for some advice, fitted HID xenon bulbs to my S3 8P fog lights - work fine if fog lights are on with just ignition.but when car is started they flicker and turn off??? Any one know what this could be
  6. avvy786

    Need help with Audi S3 8P Clutch

    cheers mate - any recommendations on which brand to go for and where from - just running a stage 1 remap pushing 305bhp
  7. avvy786

    Need help with Audi S3 8P Clutch

    Can anyone tell me if the Clutch on the Audi s3 8p has a single or dual mass flywheel Also if you are selling one that would be a bonus :)
  8. avvy786

    Audi Driver International 2013 - 12th October, Castle Coombe Circuit, Wiltshire.

    8P S3 now in - i will also be booking the track session once confirmed day off work.... :) not seen your 8L around considering you live in Brum JoJo
  9. avvy786

    MY2010 Car required for LED bulb testing

    put me down for a set t8ups
  10. avvy786

    Audi S3 8P - ESP FAULT...

    Hi, Wondering if anyone could help, Today whilst driving my car dashboard came up with ESP Fault and for me to refer to the owners manual. The car did not go into limp mode but there was no traction as tyres were spinning when accelerating. Any ideas as to what this could be - or if anyone with...
  11. avvy786

    LED side lights and number plate light

    yuppp T8ups is the man for car lighting thumbs up...
  12. avvy786

    Looking at buying a 57 plate S3

    Just to add my bit mate - Mines a 2007 S3 - i have DRL's as standard - Xenons can be expensive to replace but factory xenons are unlikely to go never had a fault with mine... - cambelt i would go with 5 years or just get it done between 60k-75k - iv not seen an s3 till date with folding mirrors...
  13. avvy786

    Did all 8P2 S3's come with double din head unit as standard?

    mines a 57 reg mate and mine came with double din audi symphony built in 6cd changer - will be posting in classifieds ad - and also yes it does come withDRL's but not like the facelift version with the led strip the look like normal side lights -
  14. avvy786

    Replacement Bulbs

    like sandra said mate try T8ups - hes done all the lighting on my S3 8P including the full interior and puddle and footwell lights and also has a variety for the DRL's - mine luk awesome thanks to him DRL's luk the part when matching colour to the xenons - have a word with T8ups hel hook you up
  15. avvy786


    cheers,thanks for replies :)
  16. avvy786


    Anyone know where i can get a haldex service carried out on my Audi S3 8P in or around birmingham or even towards hinckley leicester as i work there... Trying to avoid going to the local Audi Stealerships :D Thanks
  17. avvy786

    OEM LED Numberplate Lights without errors 2010+

    i would just go visit T8ups - has been doing car lighting for quite some time and always has a solution to bulb problems :D as done my car full interior and exterior and till today not experienced any faults :D
  18. avvy786

    Cruise control fitting?

    Dannykn9 fitted the cruise control in my S3 on friday mate, done a professional job and ensured was working correctly before leaving - would recommend him mate :)