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    Which other Audi model wheels fit the A6

    have to be a bit careful with the front suspension on a fwd a6, the shocks don't give my room. I have S4 18's on mine and new Conti Sport 3's rubbed on the suspension, 3mm spacers or part worn Conti sport 2's seem to solve this!!!
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    2.8 Cough / Jerk

    If you can find someone near you with vagcom, you can log channels 14,15,16 to see which cylinders are misfiring and how often. Unless the misfire is very bad it won't flag up a fault code and if it did that the engine management light would flash on as it is misfiring. i just did this on...
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    Retro-fit Sat Nav Up-Grade.

    double din rack - 4B0 858 005 K 01C ashtray - cover - 4B0 857 967 H 6DP a/c module - 4B0 820 043 C B98
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    Retro-fit Sat Nav Up-Grade.

    changing the dash bracket from a single to double is gonna be the hardest job, to do a 'factory' install your need a new bracket, new climate control unit and ashtray plus other odd bits. apparently the existing climate unit can be modified to fit, so that would save a lot, but i would guess...
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    A6 avant suspension

    i really think the largest tyres that still offer real 'comfort' are 45/17, but then everyone has their own idea of comfort. I have an older A6 so can not advise on the suspension setup, i actually had my wheels+tyres changed today from pzero 235/45/17 to conti 235/40/18, i drove to and from the...
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    Pics of your A6

    My boring daddywagon!!
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    A6 avant suspension

    i would be thinking the 19" wheels are more the issue than the suspension? did you last A6 have 19"s?
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    S6 Alarm Gremlins Update - Advice Appreciated!

    just posted on your other thread.... are you sure the alarm is being triggered rather than just a faulty sounder? do the indicators flash?
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    S6 Alarm Problem - Help!!!

    not sure how similar to the alarms in the A3's? but these suffer from the batteries in the sounder unit corroding which sets it off at random, might be worth a look? do they indictators flash when alarm goes off or just the sounder?
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    interior question

    ps....if you've seen the same ones that i was looking at i believe they are from an avant!!!!!
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    interior question

    the only problem could be that the salons and avants have different side bolsters, ie a salon bolster doesn't fit an avant. The rear door cards might also be different?
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    vagcom faults, car feels hesitant

    hi just run my v reg A6 1.8t dbw on vagcom because it didn't feel right and it turned up these two faults, can anyone shed any light on them? 16622 – manifold pressure / boost sensor (G31) : signal too high P0238 – 05 – 00 - - 16490 – manifold / barometric pressure sensor (G71) / (F96)...