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    Hi from Essex

    Welcome to the forum!!!! If you would like some modding / tuning advise just send me over a PM!! We also have some cracking deals on Stage 1 and Stage 2 Tuning Packages!! Stage 1 which includes: APR Stage 1 remap & Milltek Cat-Back - Normally £1150.88 As a package £867.90 Stage 2 which...
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    Newbie from Edinburgh

    Welcome to the forum!! I do love the look of the B7 A4's!! If there is anything I can help with in the side of tuning just send me over a PM :D Mike
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    Hey all! New to audi from aberdeen! just got my S3 8L last week :)

    Welcome to the forum!! :D If there is anything I can help with or would like some super deals on some tuning packages please feel free to send me over a PM! :D Awesome Mike
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    hi im new

    Hey Mark, Welcome to the forum!! if there is anything I can do to help or even offer you some nice tuning packages please do fire me over a PM :D Awesome Mike
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    Newbie A4 Avant s-line owner :)

    Hi Marc - Welcome to the forum!!! Nice Motor there :D Have you got many plans for it?! AwesomeMike