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    Remote Key Fob Keeps Un-Pairing

    Where about a is this wire you speak of
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    Buying a Audi A4 Convertible

    A 10/13 year old car is going to need some maintaining, simplez. Just try to get one that has been looked after Ideally by an enthusiast and defo' full history with regular oil changes is a must
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    Hazard symbol illuminated

    Check after 30mins and see what
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    another oil thread

    Dont move the goal posts. A full and final laboratory analysis is what you mentioned not manufacture approval. Send two samples and it will be compared FULLY.
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    another oil thread

    It's not a huge fee, £500 will get a full stop making such a big issue that only mahoosive oil companies can afford full and final analysis. I do know my **** on the subject of oil analysis.
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    What spacers would you guys recommend for standard sport suspension with standard sport alloys
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    Is my car a write off?

    So insurance company are selling insurance write offs without registering them on the MIB database, you sure about this?
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    Is my car a write off?

    If it's a panel then it will be written off, value 1k
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    Remote Key Fob Keeps Un-Pairing

    Have a problem with my key fob, opens and closes the car fine, but after a week or even a few days it will refuse to remotely unlock the car. I then have to do the put the key ignition press the lock/unlock simultaneously and then it will be ok for the next few days.
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    gmbh/usp front clip on ebay

    Luck does not work?
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    6 speed auto oil change

    Seems a little pointless if your not changing the pan magnet filters?
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    6 speed auto oil change

    Did u guys change the pan and filters or just drop the oil?
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    6 speed auto oil change

    How did u pump it in?
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    Ashtray bulb

    If your is a double DIN then the climate unit will have to come out if not then just the gear surround trim and then the two bolts and wiggle it out
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    6 speed auto oil change

    Does it not need to have a special sump tool to drain and then pumped back in, similar to my 2.5 tdi multi Tropic?
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    My 2.5Tdi Avant Thread !!

    Do u still have the s4 door blades you do didn't use? Fancy selling?
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    How Much Vinyl To Wrap Interior Trim

    As above looking to wrap my wood trim in the saloon, so 4 doors, dash trim and both ashtrays. Also possibly considering the door switch inserts that are scratched to buggery? Any help appreicated